Disney Dreamlight Valley bug sends players flying high

A new Disney Dreamlight Valley bug is playing havoc with the in-game camera and shooting players across the valley when they perform even simple tasks

Disney Dreamlight Valley bug sends players flying high: A cowboy doll stands wide-eyed in front of a window

Disney Dreamlight Valley bugs have been few and far between since the life game launched early in September, but one fan discovered a rather persistent – and amusing – glitch that happens when you do the simplest of tasks: plant a seed. Reddit user toshiuk posted a short video on Reddit illustrating the glitch, which takes recoil, and your character, to an entirely new level on accident.

Toshiuk’s video shows their character innocently shoveling sand on the beach, like you do. All seems fine, until they go to plant a seed. Then, without warning, they’re thrown backwards over a clump of trees and onto the opposite side of the beach.

The glitch apparently comes from some kind of camera issue, as other commenters reported similar problems, and not just when planting seeds. At the very least, the bug doesn’t seem to break anything – not yet, anyways – though getting thrown across the valley is obviously a bit inconvenient.

Some chose to find the humor in it, though.

“And they said Toy Story [DLC] would be late fall. Looks like you got it early because you are falling with style,” one user wrote.

If you encounter this bug, or any others for that matter, Gameloft encourages you to log it on their customer care Discord server. Since Disney Dreamlight Valley is in early access, the development team is still actively working on fixing these kinds of issues as they arise. And they probably will continue to arise until the game exits early access at some point in the not-too-distant future.

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