How to get Disney Dreamlight Valley Falling Water and Ice Heart

Find out how to obtain Dreamlight Valley Falling Water, along with an Ice Heart, to help Merlin upgrade your magical watering can in the Disney game

Disney Dreamlight Valley Falling Water location with Merlin

Disney Dreamlight Valley Falling Water might sound like more of a concept than an item, but it’s actually far more simple to pick up than you’d think. Combine it with a mysterious Ice Heart – less ominous than it sounds, and Merlin can help you upgrade your watering can.

Your tools are possibly the most important items in any life sim, allowing you to farm, mine, grow crops, and more. In Dreamlight Valley though, upgrading your royal tools in the Disney game is essential for removing obstacles like large brain coral and tree stumps, allowing you to pass between biomes with ease in order to reach materials and Dreamlight Valley animals in otherwise inaccessible areas. Specifically, the watering can upgrade allows you to destroy the giant mushrooms blocking your entry from half of the Glade of Trust.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Falling Water: Watering Can upgrade

Where to find Falling Water

Dreamlight Valley Falling Water is exactly that: falling water. However, there are a few waterfalls scattered throughout the village, so where do you specifically find the ingredient you’re looking for?

As with some other quest items, Falling Water will generate when you trigger this part of the quest, and will appear as gold sparkles. Head to the Glade of Trust, as that is the biome at the centre of this quest, and go to the end of the stream which quite literally falls off the map. Here, you can interact with the sparkles on the ground, forcing the vial of Falling Water to appear.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Falling Water map

How to get an Ice Heart

Earlier in the trial, Merlin gives you an Ice Tear Seed. Obtaining the Ice Heart is as simple as planting and watering the Ice Tear Seed. You don’t even have to wait for it to grow like other crops, as soon as you water the pretty blue plant, you’ll be able to harvest the Ice Heart.

How to complete Merlin’s friendship quest

Once you have the two items above, as well as a significant number of mushrooms, you’ll need to craft the final item of the trial: the Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment. Do this at a crafting bench as you would any other crafting recipe, and return to Merlin to have it applied to your watering can. And that’s it, not only can you now set about destroying even the largest mushrooms in the valley, you’ve completed all of Merlin’s quests… for now.

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That’s everything you need to know about Dreamlight Valley Falling Water and how to use it to upgrade your watering can. To upgrade your other tools, you’ll need to complete friendship quests with some of the other Dreamlight Valley characters, such as Anna and Maui. These quests are part of what really separates Dreamlight Valley from other life games, and helped make it one of the best PC games of 2022.