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Dreamlight Valley update offers free compensation for loading issue

Gameloft is offering some Disney Dreamlight Valley free compensation for ongoing loading issues, which it says is its number one priority fix in the life game

close up of Lion king's Scar in DDV

Fancy a Disney Dreamlight Valley update with free compensation in the life game? Well if you’ve been playing recently you’ll know that there’s been a pretty severe loading issue for some players, so the developers have announced, alongside the Disney Dreamlight Valley patch notes, that free compensation is also on the way.

Exactly what the Disney Dreamlight Valley update will offer as free compensation remains to be seen, but we at least know why it’s coming, and how high up the priority list the relevant fix actually is.

“We appreciate your patience with today’s loading issues. This is currently the team’s #1 priority and a fix is coming soon,” says the Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter. “As a thank you for bearing with us during a few early access technical difficulties, we’ll be offering in-game compensation to ALL players!”

A status update on the loading issue fix should be arriving today, with details of the Disney Dreamlight Valley update’s free compensation coming “shortly” as well.

While the Disney Dreamlight Valley loading issue hasn’t been fixed yet, a set of patch notes rolled out recently with a large number of fixes across the game. Of all the notes here’s what seems to be the biggest improvements: a seizure warning during the boot up sequence, toggle to remove in-game flashes, toggle to remove in-game shake effects, and exhaustion effect removed.

The team will also continue to “closely monitor community discussion to identify whether additional effects or instances should be added to these toggles,” so if you want more, let the team know.

You can find the Disney Dreamlight Valley update and free compensation announcement on Twitter, with the full patch notes on the game’s website.

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