Disney Dreamlight Valley finally gets multiplayer, and I can’t wait

Gameloft reveals that DDV multiplayer features we've all been waiting for are finally coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley in a new update.

Disney Dreamlight Valley multiplayer: Mike Wazowski, a round green creature with one large blue eye, stands excited with his arms out

Disney Dreamlight Valley stans, rise up. The moment we’ve all been waiting for since early access first dropped is finally coming. Gameloft just revealed that some massive new multiplayer features are coming to Dreamlight Valley, making it an experience akin to the likes of other cozy icons such as Animal Crossing. From visiting your friend’s unique valley to perusing their version of Scrooge McDuck’s store, there is no shortage of multiplayer fun coming to the ever-wholesome DDV.

That’s right, multiplayer is coming soon to Disney Dreamlight Valley in one of the life game‘s biggest updates yet. In a new showcase, Gameloft reveals exciting co-op features that will allow us to explore other players’ valleys freely, trade with friends to help them obtain quest items, and more. “You will finally be able to have your friend come to your valley,” says Gameloft. All of the effort you’ve put into customizing or decorating biomes, houses, and valleys will finally pay off.

Photo contests are cool and all, but seeing one another’s valleys in real-time will hit so differently. When you interact with what looks like a shimmering rainbow teleporter to enter the new ‘ValleyVerse,’ you can join another player’s game. Once there, Gameloft reveals that you can also “exchange items together” as you explore. If you have a pesky stack of materials that your friend may need to turn in to complete a friendship quest, you can hand it over to them.

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This also makes it easier to craft new items that you or your friend don’t have all of the ingredients for. I know I’m going to do this frequently for decorations and paths myself, just as I do in Animal Crossing. On that aesthetic-related note, have you ever felt disappointed by McDuck’s daily lineup of items? You’re not alone. You won’t have to wait for the next day anymore, as we can also freely buy furniture and rotating stock from other valleys’ Scrooge Stores when multiplayer drops.

Multiplayer is coming on Tuesday, December 5. The developer alludes to even more multiplayer features in the future, too, saying that the team hopes to “make it even bigger.” While Gameloft has not yet specified what sorts of things we can expect to see as multiplayer evolves, I’m hoping for an even more fleshed-out co-op mode that allows us to build an entire valley alongside a few friends, kind of like Stardew Valley’s multiplayer mode does.

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