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How to play Dreamlight Valley multiplayer

Here's everything you need to know about inviting other players to your home, and visiting theirs, with Dreamlight Valley multiplayer.

A copper-haired player points at the Village Visit Machine, needed for Dreamlight Valley multiplayer.

How do you play Dreamlight Valley multiplayer? When Dreamlight Valley was in early access, one of the most requested features was the ability to invite others to your valley. Gameloft listened, introducing multiplayer functionality alongside the game’s full release in December 2023.

There are plenty of NPCs to meet on your Dreamlight Valley journey, with colorful Dreamlight Valley characters hiding in every corner of the life game. There are times, however, when there’s just no substitute for real-life friends, so here’s how to unlock and use Dreamlight Valley multiplayer.

The Dreamlight Valley multiplayer Village Visit Machine sits in the middle of the Plaza as characters gather round it.

How to unlock Dreamlight Valley multiplayer

To unlock Dreamlight Valley multiplayer, you must first have Vanellope Von Schweetz move into your valley. Complete her Valley Visits quest line, during which the speed demon gives you a Valley Visit Station to place in the valley.

Once you place the KL-1200 Valley Visit Station anywhere in your valley, you can invite players to visit your home. To visit other players, they must have the Valley Visit Station placed in their own valley.

Opening your valley to visitors can be left on indefinitely, allowing anyone with your code to pop by whenever they wish. However, your abilities are limited while your gates are open. You can’t speak to villagers, complete quests, or place or move furniture, among other things, so you may want to keep it closed most of the time.

How to invite friends to your valley

With the KL-1200 Valley Visit Station placed in your village, simple interact with it and select the ‘Open up a connection for Valley Visits’ option. Of course, you must be connected to the internet to open a connection. KL-1200 generates an invite code and opens the gates, allowing anyone with your unique code inside.

As mentioned above, you can simply leave your gates open, and a friend with your invite code can join at any time. However, a new code is generated each time you close and re-open the valley to visitors, so you must give the new one to friends each time you use KL-1200.

How to visit a friend’s valley

To visit someone else’s valley, you must have their unique Valley Visit code. You can only enter the code at the title screen, so if you are in game, use the menu to return. From here, click ‘Multiplayer’ and simply enter your friend’s code to join them.

If you have any problems with the code, it may be that your friend has had to close their gate. Check with them and ask them to reopen, but make sure you get the new code.

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Dreamlight Valley multiplayer features

The multiplayer mechanics in Dreamlight Valley are fairly limited right now, with players being restricted to looking around your valley, swapping items, and buying from your shop. They can’t, however, help fix up your valley or farm for produce. There are two main features of Dreamlight Valley multiplayer: collecting Pixel Shards, and sharing designs at the Boutique.

Pixel Shards

Pixel Shards are colorful items that can be found in your valley or a friend’s, but only when there are two or more players present. These multiplayer-exclusive items generate randomly across the valley, able to be found and picked up by all players. The better news is that Pixel Shards are unique to you, so you don’t have to worry about taking them all, as other players on the server have their own set.

Pixel Shards are incredibly useful, but they’re not essential items in Dreamlight Valley. When crafted together, Pixel Shards form either Pixel Shard Duplicates or Pixelized Cooking Flames. Pixel Shard Duplicates can be used in crafting recipes to replace a missing crafting item. They cannot, however, be used on the Ancient Timebending Table. Almost anything that you craft with a regular crafting bench can use the duplicates to replace an item. We recommend only using them for rare items, though.

Pixelized Cooking Flames, meanwhile, can be used when cooking to duplicate your entire meal. So, when you cook anything with an active pixel flame, you get two in your inventory instead of one. Each small flame can be used five times, while larger ones can be used for 12 duplicate meals.

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Boutique multiplayer

Daisy Duck made her debut in the valley with the Frills and Thrills update, bringing her Boutique with her. This boutique can be used in single-player mode to display custom outfits and complete daily challenges, but it also allows you to share designs with friends.

Any of your customized clothing and furniture can be displayed in your Boutique for friends to add to their own inventory. Of course, the same can be said for you visiting others. Once you’ve visited someone’s Boutique, use the computer at the reception desk to see their new designs at any time, without having to revisit their valley.

That’s everything you need to know about Dreamlight Valley multiplayer for now, so go ahead and get travelling! When new multiplayer features are added to the farming game, we’ll be sure to update you. Given past events, we might expect to see more multiplayer mechanics with the next Rift in Time DLC act, or perhaps with the next Dreamlight Valley update, the likes of which bring huge amounts of free content to the valley.