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Dreamlight Valley Rift in Time Spark of Imagination DLC release date

The second Act of the Dreamlight Valley DLC pass is finally on the way, and The Spark of Imagination introduces a very classic character.

Jafar looks angrily over an image of Eternity Isle, the location of the first Dreamlight Valley DLC, Rift in Time.

When is the Dreamlight Valley The Spark of Imagination release date? The first part of the Dreamlight Valley DLC, Eternity Isle, was released back in December 2023, coinciding with the base game’s release out of early access. Now, just five months later, more content arrives with Act 2.

Arriving alongside the next Dreamlight Valley update, the The Spark of Imagination expansion welcomed an incredibly nostalgic character to the life game, one who the youngest of Disney fans may even meet for the first time. In fact, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit even predates Mickey Mouse himself, but the grandfather of classic animation now joins Mickey in your Dreamlight Valley thanks to the Rift in Time The Spark of Imagination release date.

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DDV Spark of Imagination release date

The Dreamlight Valley The Spark of Imagination DLC release date was May 1, 2024, coinciding with the next free content update in the base game. The final Rift in Time act is still set for release this summer.

Rift in Time Act II continues the story players have already started in a brand-new area, but that doesn’t mean new players can’t still jump into the DLC adventure and meet Jafar, Rapunzel, and now Oswald in Eternity Isle. We’re hoping for some new Dreamlight Valley codes to come along with the release as well, so be sure to keep an eye on our guide for the latest in-game freebies.

Rift in Time tells the story of a lost island that disappeared in a separate story arc to The Forgetting thanks to Jafar’s “hunger for power”. The Aladdin villain is the main character of the DLC as he enlists your help to untangle his mess, but the other characters can be found locked away on the island. They need your help to get, but you’ll need theirs, too.

The Rift in Time map so far features three new biomes, the Glittering Dunes, the Wild Tangle, and Ancient’s Landing. We don’t think any more are coming with The Spark of Imagination, but you can keep unlocking the individual areas once you find Oswald locked away in the secret Ancient’s Landing temple. These news areas are also home to some new Dreamlight Valley critters, including cute Capybaras.

A Welcome to Eternity Isle postcard for Disney Dreamlight Valley Rift in Time DLC.

We can’t wait to meet Oswald and continue our story with the other Eternity Isle characters when The Spark of Imagination release date arrives, but there’s still so much to do before then. Make sure you’ve completed your quests with the other Dreamlight Valley characters, and familiarized yourself with the tastiest DDV recipes while you wait.