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Disney Dreamlight Valley Steam sales skyrocket to top of the charts

Disney Dreamlight Valley Steam sales are already off to an incredible start, as the life sim game has climbed the sales charts on the platform

Disney Dreamlight Valley Steam sales skyrocket since launch: player character looks on in wonder

Disney Dreamlight Valley has topped the Steam sales charts since its full release yesterday, as the life sim game is now out in early access and even available through PC Game Pass.

A playful mix of games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life sim game that tasks you with restoring the land of Dreamlight valley, all while interacting with and befriending iconic Disney and Pixar characters. That pitch appears to have been effective, as the game has already shot up the Steam charts despite only releasing yesterday, September 6.

Now, Disney Dreamlight Valley is third on the Steam top sellers list, behind only the Valve Index VR kit and the Steam Deck. Since the life sim released yesterday, it’s had an all-time peak player count of 3,924 on Steam, and a Twitch viewer peak of 52,292. Disney Dreamlight Valley is also available on most other major platforms, so these numbers don’t account for the game’s entire launch either.

Disney Dreamlight Valley also came to Game Pass yesterday on cloud, console and PC, and if you download it you can also get some free rewards in-game too, as cosmetics and currency are available in the life sim for all subscribers.

The game’s success comes as it has launched in early access, which developer Gameloft says will end sometime in 2023, with an early access period of a minimum of six months. Gameloft adds that when Disney Dreamlight Valley fully launches it will include “the complete main story” and a number of extra launch characters from Disney and Pixar as well.

Gameloft has also clarified that Disney Dreamlight Valley will go free-to-play when it comes out of early access, with current purchases for the early access version including the Founder’s Pack, with exclusive bonuses.

If you’ve been playing Disney Dreamlight Valley and want to see what other players are saying about the title, or just want to be brought up to speed on the game you can do so through the launch day megathread on Reddit.

We also have some guides up for Disney Dreamlight Valley if you need the help, including a guide on how to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and another dedicated to the Disney Dreamlight Valley mystical cave riddles and solutions – they’re confusing, we know.