Dreamlight Valley Twitch drops

You can now earn Dreamlight Valley Twitch drops by watching your favorite content creators of the Disney game, providing you with exclusive in-game items.

Dreamlight Valley Twitch drops: A pink-haired player character stands by the mailbox outside their hoe.

Want to pick up the latest Dreamlight Valley Twitch drops? This Twitch scheme gives players a chance to earn in-game items by watching streams. We’ll keep you up to date with the latest virtual goodies on offer right here, as well as how to earn and claim them.

The next Dreamlight Valley update will be here in a few weeks, and you can get yourself game-ready with the latest Dreamlight Valley Twitch Drops. Matching the last set of in-game RGB goodies, this set of Twitch drops includes your Dreamlight Valley avatar’s own gaming PC and RGB backpack. The latest drops come in two bundles, and don’t go live just yet, so find out when and how to get them below. In the meantime, upgrade your Dreamlight Valley house, and make sure you’ve got space for your new setup.

How to get Dreamlight Valley Twitch drops

Twitch drops are exclusive in-game rewards that can only be earned by watching participating Twitch streams for that game. We don’t think watching your favorite streamers is much of a hardship, especially when there are exciting items to earn in the process.

Here’s how to link your Twitch account to your Dreamlight Valley account:

  • Head to the official Dreamlight Valley Twitch drops website.
  • Log into your Twitch account.
  • Log into your Dreamlight Valley account, which will either be a Gameloft cloud save account, or the platform you play on, for example Epic Games or Steam.
  • Click ‘Link accounts’.
  • Watch any participating Dreamlight Valley Twitch stream while logged in.

Image shows the latest Dreamlight Valley Twitch Drops, an RGB headset, RBG gaming desk, RBG gaming PC, and RGB backpack, as well as how to earn them.

Dreamlight Valley Twitch drop rewards

The latest Dreamlight Valley Twitch Drops are available from May 19, 2023, at 3am PDT/6am EDT/11am BST. You can get the first bundle by watching 60 minutes of Dreamlight Valley Twitch streams, with the second going live on May 21.

Rewards Requirements Start End
RGB headset and gaming desk Watch 60 minutes May 19, 6am EDT May 20, 11:59pm EDT
RGB gaming PC and backpack Watch 60 minutes May 21, 12am EDT May 22, 11:59pm EDT

It might be hard to tear yourself away from your own Dreamlight Valley to watch someone else in theirs, but if you’re looking to take a break, there’s no better way to spend it – or just multitask and do both! With your Dreamlight Valley Twitch drops earned, make sure you’ve also redeemed the latest Dreamlight Valley codes for even more freebies. When you want a break from Disney and there’s no one streaming, check out the best PC games for more critically acclaimed games to add to your library.