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Next Disney Dreamlight Valley update hinted to be Beauty and the Beast

The Disney Dreamlight Valley update that will follow the exciting Toy Story one may be Beauty and the Beast, as Gameloft teases Belle's life game debut

Next Disney Dreamlight Valley update hinted to be Beauty and the Beast: Belle from Beauty and the Beast stands hugging a book while looking as a white woman with black hair in a red checked shirt and jeans casting a pink magic spell

With the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update ushering in Buzz and Woody from Pixar’s classic adventure saga Toy Story, eyes are on the future of Gameloft’s cosy life game. Turns out the next villagers to join the party may be Beast, Belle, and Gaston of Beauty and the Beast – well, if you believe this new Instagram response.

In a post celebrating the movie anniversary of the iconic Little Mermaid, the minds behind the Dreamlight Valley Instagram account have been hard at work responding to different comments.

While most requests regarding characters have been met with “no spoiler yet,” one fan’s question about a Beauty and the Beast update has been met with a slightly more cryptic response.

Posted on November 17 in response to the comment “please bring Beauty and the Beast in ASAP!” Gameloft has replied “we’ll have to wait and see what’s coming in the update after this one.” Given their lack of response to other character suggestions, this heavily implies that Belle and her entourage will be appearing after the Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story update release date.

“I kind of figured they’d be soon, since she and Stitch are the two remaining characters in the splash screen,” writes one fan on a dedicated Reddit post, making reference to the art you see at the top of this article (Stitch features in the bottom right of the full image).

“Belle will be the one to actually break me. WALL·E makes me get misty, but Belle will make me sob,” writes one excited fan, echoed by several others who comment, “this is awesome!”

Given that the game’s Star Pass rotates every six weeks, players have theorised that Scar’s reign of terror will end around November 22. Players then waited a week for the next pass, implying the Toy Story update will drop around November 29. If this cycle continues, we can expect to see the Dreamlight Valley Beauty and the Beast update release date set for January 17. While all of this is speculation, of course, this would be the perfect way to kick off 2023.

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