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Vibrant ’90s Steam rally racer coming soon, has a demo to test drive

Set off in legendary '90s race cars in Drive Rally, launching in early access this fall with a full release scheduled for 2025 as well.

a rally car skids through a dusty southwestern American town

Strap in and hold on to your roll bars racing fans, because a new game has just come skidding around the horizon. Drive Rally is the spiritual successor to Pixel Perfect Dude’s endless vehicle game Drive, and aims to capture the essence of the ’90s golden era of racing. It even has “helpful but sassy co-pilots” like Hans, who sounds an awful lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Pixel Perfect Dude’s first entry into this racing game series was only available on mobile and Nintendo Switch, but Drive Rally is coming to PC and Mac via Steam Early Access this fall. So far, the game’s aesthetic looks a lot like the cartoon effects in Need For Speed Unbound, while the European forests and Americana on offer look like the perfect settings to lose yourself in as you drift around corners and soar over jumps.

Drive Rally will feature multiple places to ruin your tires and catch some air, from the forests of Holzberg in Germany to the arid, dusty American southwest. You’ll also be in the cockpit of some legendary rally cars, like Das Holzwagen, The Doggo, and The Bobond.

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You won’t just get to see your cars on the track – you can customize them with decals, paint, decorations, and take pictures in photo mode for full appreciation. There are also plenty of easter eggs to discover, so fans of 1990s rally racing will likely have a lot to spot while drifting around corners.

With the previous Drive going for a ’70s and ’80s aesthetic, Drive Rally is jumping forward a decade and offering more arcade-style rally racing goodness. So if you don’t think you have what it takes for a realistic driving sim, don’t worry.

There’s even more too, as you can play the demo now and wishlist the game on Steam ahead of the early access launch.

In the meantime, you’ll want to fill your calendar with some big upcoming PC games, alongside some free Steam games that won’t break the bank.

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