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Is Dungeons of Hinterberg on Game Pass?

Find out if you can delve into the harsh Dungeons of Hinterberg with Game Pass, and take in the sights of the beautiful cell-shaded town.

Dungeons of Hinterberg Game Pass - Luisa is sitting at a table, talking about her adventures.

Is Dungeons of Hinterberg on Game Pass? Set in the Austrian Alps, this action RPG with social simulation mechanics has would-be travelers explore dungeons after the sudden appearance of magic in the area. From what we’ve seen from the general reaction since its reveal, Dungeons of Hinterberg is making waves with its stunning art style, as well as its newly revealed side activities and the ability to socialize with NPCs, much like the Persona series.

And we’re also among those excited about Dungeons of Hinterberg, as it made a great impression during our Dungeons of Hinterberg preview. So, if you want to know if you can play the upcoming RPG game for just the subscription cost, here is everything you need to know about Dungeons of Hinterberg on Game Pass.

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Is Dungeons of Hinterberg coming to Game Pass?

Yes, Dungeons of Hinterberg is coming to Game Pass. This news was confirmed in the reveal trailer on the Xbox YouTube channel.

While the game’s launch date has not been officially announced, when Dungeons of Hinterberg eventually hits the Steam and Microsoft Store digital store shelves, it will also become available for Game Pass from Day One.

When we asked about the potential launch window at GamesCom 2023, Microbird founder and design director Philip Seifried was a bit “coy about sharing a firm date”, instead pointing to the more general timeframe of Spring 2024.

And that’s everything to know about if Dungeons of Hinterberg is coming to Game Pass. It could be a long wait until the release date, so in the meantime, check out some upcoming PC games we’re excited about or perhaps some of the most relaxing games you can play right now if you’re up for something a bit more chill.