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Gorgeous new dungeon RPG now has a launch date, playtest coming soon

The Dungeons of Hinterberg launch date is confirmed, as the fantasy RPG game inspired by Persona comes to PC Game Pass later this year.

Dungeons of Hinterberg release date: A red-haired protagonist, Luisa from RPG game Dungeons of Hinterberg

Between Hellblade 2, Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, FF14 Dawntrail, Star Wars Outlaws, and countless others, 2024 is looking stacked. So if you’re wading through the noise hoping to find an adventure RPG with a difference, the upcoming Dungeons of Hinterberg is one to keep an eye on. With a new playtest and a launch date revealed during the ID@Xbox showcase, this relaxing dungeon diving holiday is closer than ever.

Dungeons of Hinterberg casts you as a young law student named Luisa. After getting burned out by their studies, they travel to the Austrian Alps for some much-needed respite. Lush landscapes, dangerous dungeons, and malevolent monsters – it’s a holiday mixed with a life-or-death mission to save the world, an RPG game that feels like a more tranquil and welcoming version of Elden Ring.

Every section in the titular Hinterberg has a different visual identity, and they each allow for new travel and traversal mechanics. In one area you might move between mobs by snowboarding. In another, you’ll use a zipline, or an energy gun that can blast away obstacles. Combined with its distinctive visual style, this is looking like one of the coolest new games of the year.

And it’s not all RPG battles and action. After a long day of exploring forests, frozen mountaintops, and humid swamps, you’ll head back to town to meet the locals. Interacting with the people of Hinterberg will increase your relationship level with them, and each new friendship tier provides new rewards, ranging from an in-game photo mode to more MP and stamina for dodge rolls. Much like the Persona games that inspire this mechanic however, you’ll only have a limited amount of time to hang with Hinterberg’s residents at the end of the day, so choose your pals wisely.

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There are 25 dungeons and four overworlds to discover in the full game. With so much promise, waiting for the Dungeons of Hinterberg release date might be difficult, but you can actually sign up for a free playtest on Steam right now. You’ll get access to the first two in-game days, where you start with some training before being sent out to explore the gorgeous mountains and dangerous dungeons. The playtest will run from Thursday May 9 to Thursday May 16, giving you more than enough time to take the game for a spin. Just head right here.

Otherwise, the Dungeons of Hinterberg release date is set for Thursday July 18. If you’re also wondering about a potential Dungeons of Hinterberg Game Pass launch I’ve got good news for you, as subscribers will be able to play the action RPG at no extra cost.

While you wait for Dungeons of Hinterberg to finally drop we’ve got all the essential indie games and single-player games to keep you busy in the meantime.

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