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Dungeons of Hinterberg release date window and latest news

Prepare for your next slaycation with the Dungeons of Hinterberg release date, as well as the latest trailers and gameplay from Microbird Games.

Luisa strikes out with her trusty sword, which we'll become well acquainted with following the Dungeons of Hinterberg release date.

When is the Dungeons of Hinterberg release date? If you’re in dire need of a vacation, then do we have the alpine resort for you! Dungeons of Hinterberg is the debut title from indie studio Microbird Games, and it’s already turning heads thanks to its striking ligne claire visuals and idyllic Austrian setting.

Dungeons of Hinterberg shot to the top of our list of upcoming PC games after just a half-hour Dungeons of Hinterberg preview at Gamescom 2023. In a recent Dungeons of Hinterberg GDC interview with PCGamesN, Curve Games franchise director Kristian von Fersen describes it as “a refreshing change where you’re not constantly trying to progress or grind anything.” So, if you’ve been looking for a magical realism coming-of-age action-RPG, consider it found. To get you up to speed, we’ve got all the latest news surrounding the Dungeons of Hinterberg release date, along with all the trailers and gameplay currently out in the wild.

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Dungeons of Hinterberg release date window

Dungeons of Hinterberg is due to release in summer 2024. This was confirmed by developer Microbird Games in the official ‘Welcome to Hinterberg’ trailer that aired during IGN Fan Fest 2024.

The indie game will be available to purchase on PC via Steam, or exclusively on Xbox Series X|S for console users.

As an Xbox exclusive, it should also come as no surprise that we can expect Dungeons of Hinterberg on Game Pass on day one of release, meaning subscribers to the platform can play it as soon as it launches without spending more than their regular monthly fee.

Dungeons of Hinterberg trailers

Dungeons of Hinterberg debuted with an announcement trailer at the Summer Game Fest 2023. This trailer offered a snapshot of the various environments that lie beyond Hinterberg, including glacial mountains, autumnal forests, and gloomy swamps. We also see glimpses of how Luisa can traverse these treacherous environments to reach the treasure chest that lies at the end of her adventure.

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The Dungeons of Hinterberg ‘Social Side’ trailer reveals the more relaxed, intimate side of the action-adventure game that can be found within the eponymous village itself. We also catch a glimpse of Dungeon of Hinterberg’s three-star social system in action. As Luisa becomes acquainted with her fellow Hinterbergians, she unlocks perks that can help her out in the wilds – including removing pesky goo stains from loot, a photo mode, and a dodge stamina bonus. All of these relationships are stored in a logbook, so you can keep track of who Luisa has met and the strength of their connection with her.

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The ‘Welcome to Hinterberg’ trailer that aired during IGN Fan Fest comes straight from the Hinterberg Tourist Board itself, containing a marketing brochure’s worth of information about the four overworlds we can explore during our ‘slaycation’. From the rolling hills and majestic peaks of Doberkogel  to the autumnal forest of Hinterwald, odds are high that there’s plenty of sights to see. We can even grab a snowboard and take an SSX-style day trip through the alpine ski resort of Kolmstein, or paddle through clusters of cat tails in the swamps of Brunnelsumpf.

No matter what we choose to do, this trailer confirms our gameplay loop will have us closing out our days back in Hinterberg itself, either in the spa, bar, or cinema.

Dungeons of Hinterberg story

Dungeon of Hinterberg’s protagonist of the hour is Luisa Dorfer, a law student armed with a tourist guide and an inexplicably cool sword, as she retreats to an alpine resort town to recover from burn-out. However, she’s not destined to while away her vacation with a few bouts of skiing and a good book; instead, she’s hopping through mysterious portals and clearing dungeons full of monsters in an effort to become a Master Slayer. Talk about a Type A.

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Dungeons of Hinterberg gameplay

Developer Curve Games pitches Dungeons of Hinterberg as “a single player ARPG with social situation elements” and its gameplay loop echoes other cozy dungeon crawlers like Moonlighter and Stardew Valley. As outlined by technical director Philipp Seifried, you must “decide which overworld to travel to, spend the day slaying and puzzling in a dungeon, and then head back to the village to befriend someone who may be the key to your success” in a typical Hinterbergian day.

We can expect 25 dungeons of Hinterberg, along with five dungeons of Hastings and the mysterious “Venice Anomaly”. There are a number of traversal methods at Luisa’s disposal, including a zip-line, mine cart, gondola lift, or her own two feet. She even has magic at her disposal, allowing her to harness the wind and reach high ledges that would otherwise be out of reach, as well as manipulate her surroundings to solve environmental puzzles.

Luisa’s travels are punctuated by fast-paced hack-and-slash combat, as she fends off a bestiary of giant spiders, goblins brandishing wooden clubs, and even spell-slinging mages out in the wilds. Hinterberg’s monsters are also inspired by Austria’s mythology, from the pint-sized Pitzl to the long-necked Hobangoas. Some wield makeshift clubs and tree trunks, while others use magical shields and teleportation to ensure their own survival.

That said, Dungeons of Hinterberg is as much a relaxing game as it is a dungeon crawler; there are plenty of opportunities to kick back and unwind in the idyllic alpine village, from the cinema to the spa. Dungeons of Hinterberg incorporates life game elements where you can interact with townsfolk and tourists alike, and spend quality time together to forge strong relationships. These connections can help you progress in your dungeon-crawling career, with the opportunity to unlock special weapons and enchantments to help defeat tough bosses.

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