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Grab these top tier boomer shooters up to 75% off in this Steam sale

For its ten-year anniversary, a New Blood Steam sale gives you up to 75% off its most genre-defining boomer shooters, FPS games, and more.

New Blood Steam sale - A person wearing a gas mask and a green camo helmet in the free Dusk HD remaster.

When it comes to the best FPS games on PC, and that brand of classic style, fast-paced boomer shooters inspired by Doom and Quake in particular, it’s tough to beat developer collective New Blood. Indeed, its 2018 pairing of Dusk and Amid Evil can be matched up closely to the arrival of that defining term for the genre, which has woven its way into the public consciousness to the point that Valve now recognizes the boomer shooter as its own standalone category. Now, to celebrate its tenth anniversary, a New Blood Steam sale gives you some of its best boomer shooters and beyond at big discounts.

David Szymanski’s Dusk, Indefatigable’s Amid Evil, and Arsi ‘Hakita’ Patala’s Ultrakill are once again offered together as the publisher’s defining trilogy of FPS games. With respective Steam review scores of 97%, 94%, and 98%, they’re three of the most must-play games for anyone out there who, like me, will always have that aching yearning for those blocky glory days of blasting through the corridors of Doom and Quake.

While you can buy them as a package, they’re all up for grabs individually – there’s 70% off Dusk, which recently released free update Dusk HD, 75% off the romping Amid Evil and 50% off its delightfully weird DLC The Black Labyrinth, and 30% off the sublime Ultrakill, which just released its seventh ‘layer’ as it continues its early access journey.

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If you’re after something that’s actually older, the 2023 remaster of a ‘90s classic Rise of the Triad Ludicrous Edition is 25% off, and it brings the cult hit into gorgeous ultrawide 4K complete with new episodes, online multiplayer, and a level editor.

New Blood does more than just boomer shooters, though, so there’s even more available here. Coming in at 25% off is Gloomwood, an early access, stealth-driven immersive sim in a cursed Victorian city that’s a bit like you dropped Thief, Dishonored, and Bloodborne into a blender.

There’s also 35% off Faith, the masterful, hand-drawn psychological horror where you are a young priest struggling to cling to your own beliefs as your world falls apart around you. “What you are about to do has not been approved by the Vatican,” developer Airdorf Games writes.

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Fancy something a little less grim and gruesome? How about Super Galaxy Squadron EX Turbo, a retro-styled bullet hell shmup that’ll take you right back to those classic arcade days of Galaga and Ikaruga. It’s a whopping 90% off, so you’ll pay less than $1 to delight in this fast-paced shooter with a “challenging but merciful difficulty curve.”

The New Blood Steam sale runs until Thursday, February 29. That means you’ve only got a week to grab yourself some fantastic bargains, so don’t miss your chance. There’s even a wealth of different combination bundles offering a pair of games at a discount, which only further serves to take me back to the days of buying classics off the shelf in my local game store.

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