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Dying Light 2 finally gets firearms, and Vampire The Masquerade collab

I really like Dying Light 2, but I adore Vampire The Masquerade, and those two worlds are set to collide soon, with a For Honor collab also in the works.

A hooded man wearing a gas mask with red eyes looks into the camera on a background with a battered wooden windmill

There are some things that I never see coming, but brighten up my day. Dying Light 2 meets Vampire The Masquerade is, indeed, one of those things. Announced as part of Techland’s new DL2 winter roadmap, we can expect to stalk the Infected-ridden streets of Villedor as one of the World of Darkness’ many Kindred just in time for Halloween, and trust me when I say I am beyond excited.

With the Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 release date still a long way away, it’s been hard finding a vampire game to sate my (virtual) thirst for blood. While the rain-soaked streets of the original Bloodlines’ Santa Monica have become my home of late, I’m ready for an upgrade: and Dying Light 2 is providing just that.

As part of the zombie game‘s upcoming release schedule, Techland has confirmed that we’ll be getting a VTM-inspired crossover just in time for Halloween, with a For Honor crossover also set for November.

While the details on both remain relatively slim, we see a rather pale-looking Aiden Caldwell wearing a snazzy black polo neck in the promo art for the VTM collab. Oh, and also, he’s got red eyes, so there’s that.

An image from Techland showing the winter and fall content rollout for Dying Light 2, including a Vampire The Masquerade and For Honor collab

It does beg the question what this collab will actually look like, and how interwoven it’ll be with the Halloween event. Can vampires drink zombie blood without turning into a zombie? What clan would Aiden be? Questions I never thought I’d be asking myself, but here we are.

Other items on the list include a series of new mysterious new missions, new weapons (including polearms), and the all-new co-op Tower Raids, which will thrust you into the bowels of a ruined skyscraper in search of new gear.

The best addition, however, is firearms. Finally we can blast an Infected’s head off with a shotgun or watch them all fall down as we snipe them from afar. It’s a much-welcomed addition to the game, and it’s exactly what I needed to lure me back into Villedor.

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