Prison breaks and egg hunts arrive in Dying Light

Dying Light Enhanced Edition

It’s been more than three years since the launch of Dying Light, and developer Techland continues to push new content out for the brutal zombies ‘n parkour title. This week, they’ve added a brand new game mode, Prison Heist, and an egg hunt for the Easter weekend.

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Prison Heist mode is the biggest addition. It’s a solo or co-op raid on the Alcatraz-like prison island in Harran, and the goal is to reach the prison armory as quickly as possible, where you’ll find better rewards the faster you get there. The mode can be accessed from the main game, where you’ll find a quest that lets you take a ferry to the island. Be warned, though: Prison Heist is meant to be a challenging event for advanced players, so if you plan on going, bring your best gear.

There’s also a community-wide egg hunt going on in-game this weekend. Through April 3, players can search throughout the game for Easter eggs – and instead of chocolate, these eggs come in frost, knockout, poison, and fire flavors. You can pick up a lot of eggs at once by finding and hunting down the zombified Easter bunny, who is running free in Harran as a bounty this weekend. Participating in the egg hunt will grant you a gold-tier weapon docket, and finding 25 eggs unlocks a rather fetching Easter outfit. There’s also a bonus gold-tier weapon for the community finding a million eggs, and seeing as they’ve already blown past that goal, it’s a lock just for joining in.

Completely unrelated to springtime or Easter is the addition of a brand new enemy in Harran’s Old Town, Segeant Deathrow. He’s a “previously unknown Demolisher mutation” that’s a good deal tougher than his brethren. Bringing this thing down is worth a ton of experience points, so it may be worth the trip back to Old Town to see what the racket is all about.

You can read more about the latest content drop for Dying Light at the official site.