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Dyson Sphere Program’s enemies look like a dense black fog

Sci-fi city builder Dyson Sphere Program will be adding an enemy faction, and it appears to be a black fog that engulfs planets whole

Dyson Sphere Program enemies are called the Dark Fog, and they build their own structures throughout the galaxy

Things have been fairly peaceful so far in Dyson Sphere Program, the city-building game about creating superstructures that harvest the energy of stars. But in the not-so-distant future, Dyson Sphere Program enemies will be showing up, and they take the form of a black fog that consumes whole planets, always in search of more energy.

Developer Youthcat Studio says the enemy faction, which it’s currently working on, is known as the Dark Fog. As it turns out, the Dark Fog is an offshoot of the same self-replicating AI that your mechs and settlements are plugged into, and at one time helped feed resources to the CentreBrain just like you do.

However, over time, the CentreBrain began detecting anomalous behaviour in some of its drones. They were feeding corrupt data back to the central database, and some even uploaded the equivalent of viruses – data that would attempt to hijack CentreBrain processes. Humanity’s scientists initially wrote this off as normal errors, but as players will discover, enough machines became involved that a revolt eventually began.

Defeating the Dark Fog will be a new mission for Dyson Sphere Program players when it arrives in the game. When it shows up in your system, the Dark Fog will begin competing with you for resources, and will eventually begin building up both its ground and orbital forces.

According to the latest Steam post, the Dark Fog operates out of a Central Core in each system where it’s active, and destroying the large ‘Tinder’ orb on one end of this structure will disable it. However, the Dark Fog will also be able to construct bases on planets’ surfaces, which it’ll use to collect raw materials to use in its drone armies.

Once the battle system arrives in Dyson Sphere Program, players will be able to switch it off if they prefer the peaceful ‘vanilla’ experience. Youthcat has not yet announced when the system will arrive in Dyson Sphere Program, but it’s sure to make things interesting when it does. The studio says it’ll have more information soon, and we’ll be keen to know more about the combat units (and their production lines) that we’ll be able to build to fight off this new menace.