Here are all of the announcements made during EA’s show at Gamescom


Update: It’s done! EA’s conference went without a hitch, and featured, cars, trailers, and an adorable dog. Here’s the lowdown on what happened.

First up, FIFA 18 got a brand new trailer. It’s more football, and not whole lot of new things, but does show quite how pretty the game is.

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Next, EA brought out the big guns. Quite literally, actually, asthey brought out the massive space guns from Star Wars Battlefront 2 in the form of new space assault gameplay.

Fast & Furi- sorry, I mean,Need for Speed Payback was up next, where they took the opportunity to show off a fancy new car, the BMW M8. The stuff relevant to the game, though, came in the form of a new short trailer, which shows off what the story might hold.

For something much lighter, EA brought out some new content for The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs. The new expansion will, as you might have guessed, introduce cats and dogs to the game, allowing you to create your own pets, become a vet, and tell other Sims that poor Marley’s getting put down.

Fe was announced last year with EA’s Originals scheme, where they hope to promote indie developers. This year, it got a full section at Gamescom, complete with a new trailer and release window: early 2018.

And, finally, Battlefied 1 rounded off the show, with a whole bunch of announcements surrounding the new Incursions mode, which promises to be a more intense way to play Battlefield 1.

Original story:The merry-go-round of Gamescom has begun, and next to ride is EA: in the next hour, they’ll be starting their live show to celebrate all the new things being shown off at the event. It’s starting at 18:30 local time (17:30 BST, 12:30 EDT, 9:30 PDT, 02:30 AET), and promises “a few surprises.”

We already know everything that’s playable from EA at Gamescom, thank to their map and stage program, so don’t expect any surprising “and you can play it now” announcements. New trailers and gameplay footage of the games playable at Gamescom sounds like a much more likely story, although the “few surprises” may ruin that prediction.

The full list of playable games at the show is Star Wars Battlefront 2, Need for Speed Payback, FIFA 18, Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar, plus some mobile games, whilethe initial announcement post for the EA eventdid tease something for The Sims 4 as well. A trailer for each of those, plus some developer interviews, sounds like a likely plan for the show.

We can definitely expect Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay at least, as Mitch Dyer (writer for the game) has confirmed on Twitter that space battles will be shown off during EA’s live show.

Something you shouldn’t expect is Anthem, though: we received confirmation from an EA spokesperson back in July that Anthem won’t be at Gamescom because the focus is on games that are coming out this year.

We’ll be covering everything here on the site, and will update once it’s all over. If you want to watch the Twitch stream, it’s right here.