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Armored Cores invade Elden Ring, and the results are disturbing

FromSoftware's fantasy and sci-fi worlds collide in a new YouTube video where modders have added Armored Core mechs into Elden Ring, because honestly, why not.

Armored Cores invade Elden Ring, and the results are disturbing: A robotic warrior stands in front on a huge golden magical symbol in a barren area

Elden Ring is one of the best PC games to release in recent years. Armored Core 6 is one of my top picks for 2023. So, what if these two very different FromSoftware universes collided in one, absolutely wild Elden Ring mod? Well, you read the headline: you can now put Armored Core mechs in Elden Ring.

The brainchild of modding icon ‘Zullie the Witch’ and her colleague ‘Dropoff’, you can now scatter random Armored Cores around The Lands Between. Why? I have no idea, but am I going to do it? Absolutely.

Unfortunately, you can’t play as an Armored Core or fight one, but given they’re pretty small (10m tall, apparently) when compared to a Fire Giant (24m), maybe it’s better just playing as The Tarnished. Instead, they stand still, like ominous telephone poles; robotic bastions of a bygone fantasy era, watching over The Lands Between as silent, mechanical, sentinels.

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During their datamining adventures, Zullie and Dropoff also found an Armored Core test mech, that looks like it’s walked straight out of Minecraft. “I ended up finding this test model and it amuses me a lot,” they write. “There are some variants with different legs, so it may have been a dummy for setting up the animation sets for different styles.”

A blocky pixelated robot standing in a round arena area

At the moment there’s a distinct lack of Armored Core 6-inspired mods for Elden Ring, but I doubt it’ll stay that way. Or, maybe, just maybe, we’ll see Elden Ring infiltrate Armored Core 6 and transform your mech into Radahn instead – he’s 8m to the Armored Core’s 10, so they’re relatively even in size. Modders, get on it.

If you’re yet to explore the vast expanses of Rubicon, then I suggest checking out our Armored Core 6 review, and our list of the best Armored Core builds if it sounds like one for you. If you’d rather stick to Elden Ring, though, we have a full rundown of the best Elden Ring classes to help you topple some Fire Giants.