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Elden Ring’s best mod just got a whole lot better

Elden Ring's biggest overhaul mod, Convergence, just hit 1.4 with a big update of new weapons, items, spells, and even new mechanics.

Elden Ring mod Convergence update: a man in a wolf mask and lots of armor

The colossal Elden Ring Convergence mod just got a big new update, as the project that remixes The Lands Between while adding in new weapons, armor, spells, and changing how many of the base mechanics work is still rolling out updates. If you’ve beaten FromSoftware’s magnum opus, or just want to see what Elden Ring offers when experienced modders get their hands on it, Convergence is absolutely worth a go.

This Elden Ring mod isn’t like the rest. The entire map is changed up, there are more ways to define your build, extra mechanics like boss resurrections and changed class progression, and even entirely new bosses as well. This Elden Ring revamp comes from the same team behind the Dark Souls 3 Convergence mod, and a brand new 1.4 update adds even more ways to play the modern classic of an RPG.

Longtime players will love to know that Elden Ring Convergence 1.4 changes up Wandering Mausoleums for the better. You can now duplicate your equipped weapon once per each Mausoleum, giving them even more purpose in the open world. There are even seven new weapons with 1.4, four new spells, and a new mechanic with some armor sets.

Castle Morne even gets a big expansion, with Raya Lucaria and Stormveil getting overhauls too. You can see all the new weapons in action below, courtesy of Snuggle the Crow.

YouTube Thumbnail

Tier-2 armors for non-magic classes have also been given new abilities as long as you aren’t using a weapon that scales with Intelligence or Faith This is the Convergence mod’s way of giving you extra abilities and ways of playing if you don’t use magic at all. Using Grease items can give you temporary bonuses with some of these armors, for example, and some even give you bonuses when drinking from the Crimson Flask.

These additions are just the tip of the iceberg, too, as Convergence gives this kind of treatment to the whole of Elden Ring. It’s a seriously impressive outing that is the perfect painkiller while we all wait for more on the Shadow of the Erdtree release date. Check out the patch notes for more, and download the mod right here.

While Convergence makes loads of sweeping changes, we’ve already put together the best Elden Ring builds and Elden Ring armor sets for the vanilla game, if you fancy diving back in.

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