PSA: Elden Ring spoilers are out there

Elden Ring has been datamined, which means there are a whole lot of spoilers in the wild

A fortress in Elden Ring

If you both understand how to make sense of From Software lore and are looking forward to Elden Ring, you’re going to have to exercise some caution on the internet for the next couple of months. The Elden Ring network test has been datamined, leading to the release of thousands of voice lines and a whole lot of story details. If you want to go in fresh, you’ve been warned.

We won’t go into the content of the leaks here, but this appears to be connected to the recently-discovered PlayStation 4 jailbreak, which has allowed hackers to regain access to the Elden Ring network test and dig into its files. For some, that means modding in GTA: San Andreas’s CJ as a playable character. For others, that means posting much of the Elden Ring plot online.

The long-suffering Elden Ring community gets to suffer a little more leading up to release, I guess. The Elden Ring subreddit has already banned discussion of datamined content, as the mods say “unceremoniously spoiling plot points, mechanics and systems long before these are ready for launch is not something this sub will support.”

For now, you can just keep watching the trailer below again and again.

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The Elden Ring release date is set for February 25. For more RPG games to check out in the meantime, you can follow that link.