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Elden Ring player fights Tree Sentinel with DDR pad, wins

Twitch streamer PeekingBoo has managed to take down of the tougher earlier Elden Ring bosses while using a Dance Dance Revolution pad

Elden Ring DDR: a player leaps through the air on a horse as the sun sets

Elden Ring’s Tree Sentinel provides one of the first oomph moments in FromSoftware’s new PC game. The colossal horse-bound knight roams the path leading out of the tutorial area in Limgrave, though they’re a little too tough to be hanging around in an area frequented by the uninitiated. After being mullered a few times, most new players swiftly tootle around them. You can imagine our joy, then, to see someone beat the big bastard with a dance mat.

Twitch streamer PeekingBoo is something of an expert with Dance Dance Revolution pads. From Super Mario to Celeste, they’ve played plenty of games on the humble dance mat while notching up some impressive speedruns.

Their new frontier, though, is Elden Ring. PeekingBoo’s streams are generally a good time as they find ways to cheese the poor denizens of the Lands Between. When it comes to the Tree Sentinel, though, PeekingBoo decides to go blow for blow. The streamer uses the four directional buttons on the left of his dance pad for movement and the other four to his right for commands like attacking, dodging, jumping, and using an item. They take to the Tree Sentinel fight with some caution, though soon dance their way to victory.

Check it out below:

PeekingBoo isn’t the first person to get a workout while playing Elden Ring. Another streamer called Louis ‘Super Louis 64’ Hamilton has been running around the Lands Between with a Ring Fit controller. Power to both of them.

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