A new Elden Ring game is coming, and it’s not Shadow of the Erdtree

A new Elden Ring game, separate from Shadow of the Erdtree, is in the works, as From Software Steam updates also hint at the Elden Ring DLC.

New Elden Ring game: A fantasy character from From Software RPG Elden Ring

The Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, may well be getting closer to launch – or at least a reveal – based on From Software’s recent round of Steam updates. But now, it seems like a totally new Elden Ring game, separate from anything announced or revealed so far, is also in the works. Sources at Tencent say the publisher and developer has acquired the rights to create an Elden Ring game and dedicated a small team to develop a prototype. Supposedly modeled after HoYoverse hit Genshin Impact, the new Elden Ring sounds very different to the 2022 original. Nevertheless, it seems possible that the series has scope to grow beyond Shadow of the Erdtree.

The Elden Ring DLC release date may be a little closer than anticipated, given some very telling updates to the RPG on Steam recently. Elden Ring developer From Software has added files labeled ‘DLC’ to development branches that include ‘dev_debug’ and ‘dev_release,’ potentially signaling that Shadow of the Erdtree is going through another round of internal testing and polishing as it draws closer to launch. Even if the Elden Ring DLC is still a ways away, according to reports, we may be heading on a different adventure back to the Lands Between.

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Citing anonymous sources within Tencent, Reuters reports that a new Elden Ring game is being developed for mobile. Tencent reportedly acquired licensing rights for Elden Ring in 2022 and committed a “few dozen” developers to create a prototype. Progress on the mobile version of Elden Ring has apparently been slow, but the game is designed to be free to play and draws inspiration from Genshin Impact. According to the sources within Tencent, the Elden Ring mobile game will feature in-app purchases.

Elden Ring wouldn’t be the first major series to make the surprise jump to mobile. Bethesda recently revealed a new Elder Scrolls game available on mobile platforms, and there is also a new Civilization game that appeared on mobile seemingly out of nowhere.

As we wait to see what happens with the future of Elden Ring, you’ll want to try some of the other best open-world games, or maybe the absolute best fantasy games available on PC.

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