The first Elden Ring no-hit run is under 3 hours

The world's first Elden Ring no-hit run is now complete, and speedrunner Seki clocked in the win at just under three hours. I struggle against a small pot

The first Elden Ring no-hit run is now done

The world’s first Elden Ring no-hit run has now been recorded, and it clocks in at just under three hours. The general speedrunning record for completing FromSoftware’s open-world game is now down to under 30 minutes, but this runner did the whole game without taking any damage.

Elden Ring speedrunners have been outdoing themselves to get the lowest possible completion time, with player niko bellic beating one of the biggest RPGs on PC in under two hours barely a week after launch. Classic Souls runner LilAggy recorded the first sub-hour speedrun, followed by Distortion2 nabbing it in a ridiculous 29:27 minutes.

After that, the race was on to get the world’s first no-hit, no-damage Elden Ring run, and runner Seki – also known as SekiroShadow – has triumphed. His YouTube channel states that the goal is to beat Elden Ring “without taking a hit/stagger from enemies or traps, or any form of damage including fall damage/poison et cetera.” He used the regular Elden Ring version 1.03.2 without any glitches.

While the stream starts out quite low-key it soon ramps up and, as Seki states on Twitter just after he got the run, he “shouted his lungs out” as soon as he beats the final boss – and becomes the world’s first Elden Ring no-hit speedrunner, with a time of 2:51:10.

You can check out the entire three-hour speedrun below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Amazing stuff. I can’t even defeat a stationary object without getting hit.

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