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Elden Ring players are in search of a new home for PvP

Elden Ring players tired of the RPG game’s most popular PvP location are in search of a potential new home for their competitive multiplayer showdowns

Elden Ring PvP players are seeking out a possible new location for their duels after growing tired of the RPG game’s most popular hotspot. Player vs player battles have long been a cornerstone of FromSoftware games, and Elden Ring is no exception. With an almost endless array of possible Elden Ring builds to experiment with, there’s no shortage of variety to be found.

While players can engage in PvP just about anywhere across the Lands Between, the community has settled on one particular location as its central hub for their competitions. The main Academy gate at Raya Lucaria is where you will see most player vs player showdowns taking place, and it’s by far the easiest spot to find some action quickly without having to organise a meetup with your potential opponents.

The Raya Lucaria gate is popular for several reasons: it’s relatively easy to reach even on a new character, it has a nice open space that’s mostly flat, and there aren’t any enemies nearby who might be accidentally pulled into the fight and disrupt the fairness of your competition.

However, while it is pretty, it isn’t the most striking location visually by the stunning standards of some of Elden Ring’s other locales. It also has a tendency to rain there, which some players have noted can cause an imbalance because rain will buff the damage of any lightning attacks while nerfing the potency of fire skills.

Aside from those issues, some players are just a little over hanging out in one place the whole time, especially if PvP is their main interest. In a thread on the Elden Ring subreddit, some Elden Ring PvP enthusiasts are contemplating what other locations might make a good secondary spot to take their fight clubs to.

Elden Ring PvP - two figures on horseback bearing weapons ride towards each other in a field of long grass

The thread’s creator, TerySchmerples, suggests a lovely circular arena at the Haligtree as a possible alternative. It’s certainly a rather pretty option, and the statue and table present some interesting geometry for players to work around. However, some in the thread express concern that the location is too far into Elden Ring’s progression, requiring players making a new build to do a lot of time-consuming busywork to get there.

Another user in the comments suggests the bridge at Volcano Manor – with comparisons being drawn to the popularity of PvP fights on the bridge outside Iron Keep in Dark Souls II. A few players note that they have also been running fight clubs at the frozen lake – although they comment that to make the most of the space you’ll need to first deal with the rather large foe lurking around there.

One player even jokingly suggests the Lake of Rot as a chaotic alternative, tasking players with facing down their opponents in the scarlet rot-infested waters. Whatever the location, however, one of the biggest concerns is how players will get the word out. The most upvoted comment on the thread reads, “The problem is not finding another good PvP location, the trouble is convincing 500k users to make it their new spot.”

Some users have already taken it upon themselves to start trying out the new locations, however. Even if the trialled spots don’t end up catching on globally, at least those who participate will have the chance they desire to experience some fresh scenery with one another.

Some players also express their hope that FromSoftware themselves will include some form of standalone PvP arena battles in a future update or expansion. Both Dark Souls II and III offered arena battles with a variety of locations and matchmaking functionality, and it seems almost certain that Bandai Namco will want to capitalise on the success of Elden Ring with some additional DLC at some point, so this could certainly be an option.