Elden Ring reviews – our roundup of the critics’ scores

FromSoftware's latest game is getting perfect scores from critics - here's our roundup of all the best reviews

Elden Ring's character leaps through the air

While Elden Ring’s release date is drawing closer, we still have a few days to wait until we can jump into Hidetaka Miyazaki’s next game. Luckily for us, though, Elden Ring reviews are pouring in, so we now have a good idea of what we’re in for.

Safe to say, things are looking quite good! Deputy editor Jordan gave it a ten-out-of-ten score in our Elden Ring PC review. “A supercut of FromSoft’s very best work, transported to a totally new space,” he says. “Elden Ring is not only a masterpiece by its developer’s lofty standards, but in packing so much density into the Lands Between, it lights the path ahead for open-world games in general.”

It looks like we’re not alone in our praise of Elden Ring, either. Polygon has called it “FromSoftware’s most accessible, and difficult, game yet”, and plenty of other critics have given the game a perfect score, too. At the time of writing, The new PC game is currently sat at 96 and 98 on review aggregate sites Opencritic and Metacritic, respectively.

Without further ado, let’s check out those Elden Ring reviews:

So there you go. It looks like one of 2022’s best PC games has just turned up. Plenty of critics praise FromSoftware for taking the beloved Dark Souls formula and adapting it to an open-world setting.

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