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Elite: Dangerous SteamVR and HTC Vive support coming later this year

Elite: Dangerous

VR has always been a priority for Elite: Dangerous, presumably because the venn diagram that includes both David Braben fans and holodeck fantasists is at 100% crossover - looking like a single, sun-like orb.

The latest development on that front is SteamVR. Frontier have announced that Elite will become compatible with Valve’s software and its officially supported kit, the HTC Vive, later this year. 

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The update will come as a free patch before Christmas, Frontier PR Michael Gapper revealed on Twitter today.

Oculus Rift support for Elite was in the works long before its launch, after Frontier were delighted with their tests. An early but convincing version of the tech appeared in the Elite: Dangerous alpha, and Braben later said that he preferred playing Elite in VR - touting the impact of a 5.1 speaker set-up.

“It does make a difference because you can hear the engines behind you and the guns going off,” he told us last year. “You can hear yourself being hit right across the canopy. It’s that sort of level of immersion which does make a difference.”

How Elite might incorporate the Vive’s dual controllers into its cockpit remains to be seen. Do you have any ideas?

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Max Ursa avatarB0GiE-uk- avatarFattox avatar
Max Ursa Avatar
2 Years ago

Elite: Dangerous will be playable on the Vive at EGX this week. Considering the in game joystick and throttle are modelled on the X52 Pro HOTAS and you are meant to be able to play using just the HOTAS, I can't currently see any use for the Vive controllers. That said, perhaps there's a robot arm on the SRV or something.

B0GiE-uk- Avatar
B0GiE-uk-(12 days 8 hours played)
2 Years ago

Sweet, looking forward to when all the VR sets are released! New Toys!

Fattox Avatar
Fattox(1 day 13 hours played)
2 Years ago

I might end up splashing out on a Vive shorly after it's released, but i think i'd still use my HOTAS to fly. Feels great and i can't imagine those sticks doing the job better.

Whether i buy a Vive or not really hinges on the display being a lot better than my DK2, which i've not really used that much, since the res and sharpness is simply not good enough.