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Elite Dangerous’ Fleet Carriers update lands today - here are the patch notes

Fleet Carriers - and big ol' batch of updates and changes - hit Elite Dangerous today

After two betas and a batch of updates and changes, the Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers update is at last here, and there’s a hefty batch of patch notes to eyeball for its launch. There’s a whole host tweaks, adjustments, and additions to get a look at, reaching across the new Fleet Carriers themselves (of course), exploration, mining, missions, new player experiences, cosmetics, stability and crashing, factions, and plenty more. Read on to see what’s in store for the space game’s latest update.

As reflected in the patch notes posted by developer Frontier on the simulation game’s forums, the all-new Fleet Carriers – massive ships packed with hangar bays that can act as a moving base for operations – bring a sizeable list of new features of their own.

You can customise these to suit your playstyle by installing various different services on them (as well as with cosmetic changes you can grab from the Livery), and have “16 landing pads – eight large, four medium, and four small” to give you plenty of options. They cost five billion credits in-game and you can find them for sale at starports carrying a “Fleet Carrier Vendor contact”.

In addition to the carriers, the patch also has some nifty updates to mining, such as to NPC ships – they’ll “now have a more appropriate cargo based on contents of the rings in their system” – as well as a change that means “sub-surface mining deposits can now eject multiple resource chunks from one successful hit”. Plus, the dev has added “depot support to solo mining missions”.

There’s a lot to unpack in the notes, so we’ve included them for you to check out for yourself below (via Frontier):

Fleet Carriers Features

  • Fleet Carriers are massive ships used as a mobile base of operations, offering multiple landing pads and various services.
  • Fleet Carriers cost 5 billion credits.
  • Players can purchase a Fleet Carrier from starports with a Fleet Carrier Vendor contact.
  • Fleet Carriers come with 16 landing pads, 8 large, 4 medium and 4 small.
  • Fleet Carrier owners can manage docking permissions to determine who can land on their Fleet Carrier.
  • Fleet Carriers can jump up to 500ly.
  • Fleet Carriers use the new commodity, Tritium, to perform a jump.
    Owners can install a variety of services on a Fleet Carrier to support their play style.
  • Fleet Carriers have a weekly upkeep cost which must be maintained to keep the Fleet Carrier running.
  • Fleet Carriers have player controlled commodity markets which the owner can use to buy and sell goods.
  • Fleet Carrier owners can also set tariffs on some of the services they offer to help pay their running costs.
  • Fleet Carriers can be customised, similar to regular ships, with items purchased from the Livery.
  • Fleet Carriers take 15 minutes to prepare for a jump, and have a 5 minute cool-down after.
  • Universal Cartographics is an optional service on Fleet Carriers.
  • Fleet Carrier owners can store their ships and modules aboard their Fleet Carrier by default.
  • When decommissioning a carrier you will receive a full refund.
  • Voluntary decommissioning will incur a fee equivalent to 50% of the Debt Threshold.
  • When cancelling the decommissioning of a Fleet Carrier, the owner will receive an inbox message to confirm the cancellation.


  • Players will now receive ARX for killing Scavengers.
    Fixed an issue which caused the SRV Bay to be visible when viewing SRV paint jobs on a Fleet Carrier.


  • The Discovery Scanners full system scan SFX no longer triggers in the store.
  • Fixed the issue which would cause the damage alarm in Guardian
  • Fighters to get stuck on a loop.
  • Fixed the missing sound on a Large AX Multicannon.
  • Added missing voice-over when requesting to dock.

Background Simulation and Galaxy

  • Added the Gamescom Prize to rename “Wregoe WF-F d11-30” to “Cheltojo System GC19”.
  • Corrected data for HIP83701 to show its population in the Galaxy Map.
  • Fixed an issue that caused System Authority ships to be found in Supercruise in Anarchy systems.

Codex Discoveries

  • Partially fixed an issue with some Codex discoveries not being visible to other players in some galactic regions. The bug may still be occurring with some lifeforms (e.g. Tubers).
  • Fixed a bug which caused the focus to jump to the top of the grid after exiting out of any section within the Knowledge Base or Pilots Handbook.

Conflict Zones

  • Fixed an issue which could cause Conflict Zones to end abruptly.
  • Fixed the bug that occasionally wouldn’t register your choice when picking a side.
  • Fixed the issue where objectives were missing when dropping into Conflict Zones.


  • The Beluga Liner and Cobra Mk IV can no longer be selected in the Livery unless the player has the Horizons DLC.
  • Fixed the “Tail 4” part of the Federal Gunship Ship Kit so that it aligns with the ship.
  • Fixed the worn paint on the Diamondback Explorer Ship Kit pieces.
  • Fixed the Krait Phantom Thruster that was being obstructed by Ship Kit piece, Tail 1.


  • Fixed the issue where the NPC Crew could stop responding to orders in Anti-Xeno Conflict Zones.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes stopped NPC Fighters being deployed.


  • Added the ability to queue for CQC matchmaking from in-game. When you find a match you will be prompted to join.


  • Fixed a crash which could occur when entering Multicrew.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur after the Multicrew report screen.
  • Fixed a disconnect issue that could occur when attempting to accept two Multicrew invites.
  • Fixed a crash triggered by accessing the Power Play interface while in Hyperspace.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when the Role Switch Panel was accessed in CQC.
  • Fixed a crash which could occur in the Livery after using a Fighter.
  • Visited stars cache data will no longer be lost if the game crashes.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the game to stutter in areas of the galaxy with a high density of stars.
  • Improved network performance of NPC Fighters and ships to reduce network lag.
  • Fixed a disconnect issue that occurred when attempting to load back into an AX Conflict Zones in close proximity to an Asteroid Belt.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur in the training missions.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting to Bookmark a starport.


  • Locations discovered using the DSS will now be listed in the System Map correctly after returning to a system.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause discoveries in the Codex to show the wrong image.
  • Fixed a problem which could cause Surface Data to generate in the background at such a low priority that it would stop.


  • Updated how Faction influence adds up to 100% in a star system to keep more of a Faction’s trending direction.


  • Fixed some incorrect planet base names.
  • Renamed some locations for competition winners.
    • 59 Virginis 4 renamed to Alchemia Virginis.
    • 59 Virginis 8 A renamed to Lapis Philosophorum.
    • 59 Virginis, Hilmer’s Gateway renamed to The Tavern.
    • Rhea 4 renamed to Foursyth.
    • Ingui, Phillips Terminal renamed to Szymanski and Usalski Hub.
    • LHS 2335 renamed to Faisel C.
    • Praea EUQ RX-U D2-101 renamed to Wheeler’s Star.
  • Added new set of Player Minor Factions.
  • Added the missing text at the Technology Broker unlock screen for the Thargoid Interceptor Bobblehead.
  • Fixed an overlapping text issue on the Mission Board in Russian.
  • System State names now wrap onto a second line to avoid localised text being cut off.
  • Fixed localisation of Tourist Beacon text in Portuguese.
  • Fixed a grammar issue in Reputation Change inbox message.
  • Updated titles for NPCs.
  • Fixed an unlocalised “Signals Detected” message that was displayed when scanning bodies.
  • Fixed a cut off string in the Kick Player pop-up.
  • Added missing text for damaged Megaships in the Navigation Panel.
  • Crime Victim Data is now localised in the Player Journal.


  • NPC mining ships will now have a more appropriate cargo based on contents of the rings in their system, including Low Temperature Diamonds.
  • Added a fix for Crystalline Clusters falling through the floor.
  • Implemented a fix that will stop Core Mining Fragments from penetrating into Asteroids.
  • Sub-Surface Mining Deposits can now eject multiple resource chunks from one successful hit


  • Fixed an issue which was causing some missions to fail before their expiration time runs out.
  • The ‘Total Units Needed’ will now update in the Commodity Market as Collect Missions progress.
  • Delivery Mission Cargo is now marked as ‘Mission Specific’ to prevent the Commodity Market showing the commodity as mission required.
  • Added a Mission Accepted event in the Player Journal for missions obtained outside of the Mission Board (eg Palin’s mission).
  • Corrected some misleading mission text which implied that Retreat Missions would help a Faction leave a system, which was the exact opposite of what was happening. These now indicate that Retreat Missions might prevent a retreat.
  • Added depot support to Solo mining missions.
  • Megaship Turret Missions will now indicate system distance on the Mission Board.
  • If the player has an active Delivery mission, then the mission commodity will no longer have the mission required icon next to it on the Commodities Market.


  • Fixed the issue which caused the Gunner Role to lose control of Weapon Turrets after entering or exiting a location.
  • Fixed an issue which meant subsequent Mulitcrew invites would not work, and would incorrectly show if a player did not have the Horizons DLC.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Conflict Zones spawning ships if a Multicrew player was present.
  • Added in a fix for Multicrew players being disconnected after dropping out of Supercruise.


  • Increased the chance of players meeting previously encountered players when revisiting systems in a session.
  • Players can now block any player, not just friends or pending friends.

New Player Experience

  • Players won’t be asked to target an enemy ship if they already have it targeted.
  • Fixed the issue which incorrectly told players they were leaving the test area when they weren’t.
  • Fixed an issue where System Authority Ships could jump into the combat tutorial.
  • Fixed the Intro Tutorial’s Sidewinder sometimes displaying 119/120 cargo capacity.
  • Fixed a graphical issue on the tunnel section in the intro tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug in the SRV tutorial which could cause the player to get stuck if they land too quickly.
  • Fixed a bug where the game didn’t always register when players flew through the first check point.


  • Reduced mass of the size 1 Meta Alloy Hull Reinforcement Package.
  • Fixed an issue where after applying synthesis on the Advanced Multicannon, the synthesis would be removed when you used the Advanced Maintenance to restock any other Modules (Mines/AFMU etc.).

Player Journal

  • Changed change tag name from StarSystem to SystemAddress in NavRoute data.
  • Added system names to Route Event data.
  • Reimplemented the Main Menu Music event.
  • Added an event for when a Fleet Carrier is renamed.
  • Fixed a bug where RefuelAll and RepairAll events were written with a null string as the event name.
  • EngineerProgress event is now correctly written when ranking up with an Engineer.
  • Bounty events now include localised ship names.
  • “Latlong” flag now set when in a station.
  • Fixed status flags for HUD in analysis and Low Fuel when in SRV.
  • Fixed loadout data written after launching a Ship Launched Fighter.
  • We no longer write a value for ReservePercent to the Journal if total balance is zero or negative.
  • We now include the body name in CarrierJumpRequest.
  • Added an event for cancelling a Fleet Carrier jump.
  • We now include Carrier Docking Restrictions in market.json file.
  • We now include the Body name in the Carrier Jump Request.


  • Added a fix to stop starport interiors from picking up light from stars.
  • Fixed the visible line in the Millky Way.


  • Fixed a small graphical error on exterior of the Beluga Liner.
  • Fixed an issue on the Viper MK IV which meant the paint work could never be fully repaired.
  • Fixed a small graphical error on the exterior of the Orca.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Landing Gear/Cargo Hatch to visibly clip into the cockpit.


  • Added a fix for Squadron applications that were still showing after being accepted/declined.


  • Corrected the ETA numbers when approaching targets in Supercruise.


  • Fixed a broken terrain issue at some Thargoid Ruins sites.


  • Fixed a bug which could cause Thargoid Interceptors to not appear in Nonhuman Signal Sources.
  • Added a speculative fix for the invincible Thargoid hearts bug.
  • Fixed Thargoid Interceptors not using their special weapons when near a Planet’s Surface.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes stop players being credited correctly for participating in a Thargoid Interceptor kill.
  • Fixed Caustic damage not being removed by overheating your ship.


  • Fixed Logs for Generation Ships having no scroll bar in the Codex archive, which prevented entries being read in full
  • Fixed an issue which stopped cockpit panels being accessible while using Station Services.

In addition to the Patch Notes above, here is a list of some previous changes from the Betas:

  • Total Ships Restocked stat is now correctly updated.
  • Improved fleet carrier navigation around locations like White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars, certain rings, and close orbits.
  • Fixed timer on decommissioning Fleet Carriers.
  • Squadron bookmarks made for a Fleet Carrier location now move with the Carrier when it jumps.
  • Fixed an issue on the System Map where if selecting a destination with other Fleet Carriers present, multiple Fleet Carriers would display the jump icon.
  • Carrier can no longer spawn in Permit Locked systems when initially spawned.
  • Fixed an issue with commodities not being visible in carrier commodity board or black market screens after being transferred to a Fleet Carrier.
  • Fixed Fleet Carrier Codex stats for commodities imported/exported being the wrong way around.
  • Stored ship icons now move with Fleet Carrier when it jumps.
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed players to earn credits by selling to their own Fleet Carrier while in a Wing.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause the cargo transfer screen to overlap the other cockpit panels.
  • Added salvaged commodities to list of items that can be transferred to a Fleet Carrier via the Cargo Transfer Panel.
  • Added option to directly enter the number of credits to transfer to Fleet Carriers budget.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the ‘Cancel Docking’ option to persist after docking on Fleet Carrier.
  • Added a new icon for decommissioned Fleet Carriers on the System Map.
  • Inbox message notifying the player that their transferred ship has arrived will now arrive at the same time as the ship, rather than being sent instantly.
  • The docking menu quick action options (refuel, repair, etc) will now not work if the player has anonymous access.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some Hardpoints from being restocked at Fleet Carriers.
  • Fixed a problem that would sometimes prevent selling a commodity on the Fleet Carrier’s Secure Market.
  • Fixed an issue when changing a commodity directly from ‘buy’ to ‘sell’ or vice versa.
  • Changed Codex Stats to record the full value of vouchers redeemed at the Redemption Office.
  • Added the Fleet Carrier Administration Service to more star systems near Colonia.

That’s all for the Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers update patch notes. The new content drops today, so go get stuck in.