New World style medieval MMORPG invites you to try it for free

Medieval fantasy MMORPG Embers Adrift draws inspiration from Everquest and Vanguard and you can explore its new world for yourself in an upcoming free weekend.

Embers Adrift free weekend - a person holds a torch aloft as they approach a darkened archway in a stone building, in this medieval low-fantasy MMORPG.

Medieval fantasy MMORPG Embers Adrift is offering interested players the chance to jump into its world for free and try out its group-driven PvE gameplay and branching classes. Drawing inspiration from some of the best classic MMORPGs including Everquest and Vanguard, Embers Adrift offers a low-fantasy setting not unlike that of Amazon’s New World, and you can play it for free with an upcoming trial weekend.

Embers Adrift takes a more open-ended approach to quest and world design than typical MMOs, eschewing typical quest hubs and gated content to instead encourage players to explore the world for themselves and uncover everything from traditional old-school static quests to branching, campaign-style adventures with multiple choices and outcomes.

You can set out on your adventure solo, but players are encouraged to group up with up to five other players to travel across the vast overland zones and explore Embers Adrift’s nonlinear dungeons. Combat uses a classic tab-targeting system that will be familiar to anyone who’s played most of the big MMOs including World of Warcraft and FFXIV, with options for both offensive and defensive targeting.

Indie developer Stormhaven Studios has crafted a gorgeous world filled with all manner of magical creatures, and if you’re like me and are always a little curious about any new MMO that pops up on the scene, then what better way to check it out than a free weekend? Thankfully, you’re in luck – following its launch in October last year, an Embers Adrift free weekend gives you an opportunity to try it out without spending a penny.

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You’ll be able to check out the three base roles and their nine branching specialisations, alongside the three gathering professions and six crafting professions. Being free means it’s the perfect time to bring in your friend group, too – given that Embers Adrift is focused more squarely on community engagement, jumping on with pals should prove a perfect way to try it out.

Embers Adrift free weekend – play for free

The Embers Adrift free weekend is June 2-4. If you want to play for free during this period, you simply need to create an account via the game’s official website and download the game client.

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