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The Enshrouded launch date is finally here as it hits Steam

The Enshrouded launch date is here, as one of Steam's biggest survival crafting games finally comes out in early access with a new trailer.

Enshrouded launch date: a man with a hood and leather clothing on

The Enshrouded release date is here, meaning you can play one of Steam’s most popular survival crafting games (behind Palworld of course) in its early access build starting today.

That’s right, the Enshrouded release date for Steam early access is finally here. As of right now you can finally play one of Steam’s most wishlisted games and popular Next Fest demos as a full, albeit early access, game. If you didn’t get a chance to try out the survival game already, Enshrouded is definitely one to keep your eye on.

Enshrouded was last year’s most-played Steam Next Fest demo, which saw it shoot up the wishlist charts. You can play alone or in up to 16-player co-op, as you delve into the survival and crafting mechanics that marry with base building. You can also get NPCs to help you out at your home base by gathering supplies and recipes, with Enshrouded’s voxel engine letting any builds blend in with environments.

You can check out the new early access launch trailer from Keen Games below.

YouTube Thumbnail

If you played the Next Fest demo and are wondering about progress carrying over, it’s now been confirmed that these saves aren’t compatible with the full Steam Early Access release, so you’ll have to start again. There’s slightly better news for mods though, as Keen Games says “At this stage, we cannot make promises that the game will be moddable, but it is something we would love to implement in the future.”

The full launch and console releases are planned for the future of Enshrouded, with the game available on Steam as of right now.

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