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New Enshrouded update finally adds much-requested server feature

The new Enshrouded Melodies of the Mire update is out now, with a new biome, instruments, and the much-requested quest progression change.

Enshrouded Melodies of the Mire

A new major Enshrouded update just dropped, and chief among the plethora of additions is one change players have been waiting on since launch – the ability for anyone to complete the quests on a server. The survival game has been coming up against Palworld, Bellwright, Ark, and many more, but this might just be the densest patch yet.

The Enshrouded Melodies of the Mire update has just surprise launched on Steam, and it brings a whole host of new content and improvements to the survival game. There’s a new sub-biome, musical instruments, extra material for crafting, a new weapon, a pseudo-transmog system, more server settings, and even some Steam Deck upgrades.

A new giant tree sub-biome called The Blackmire is now in Enshrouded, with a focus on verticality in this expansion to the Revelwoods. Bounce pads help you get high up in the branches, but forest dwellers called Vukah can cause some trouble if you’re not careful. The Blackmire is also home to more materials for brand-new decorations, props, and furniture, so you can get crafting, too.

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In the style of an FF14 bard, a selection of new instruments can help you and your friends create your very own traveling band as well. There’s a lute, harp, drums, and flute available, with more instruments coming in future updates.

The new weapons are dual-wield daggers, providing the opportunity to double-stab opponents – because more attacks make for better combat of course. There are also visual override slots, so you can now mix and match outfits based on stats and design, allowing you to wear your own fashion while exploring. Whoever said survival had to look bland?

Perhaps the biggest new feature is the player and world progression changes. As of now anyone can complete quests already done by server admins in their own time. There are even more server settings for privacy, too, so you can set out rules for bans, building, and terraforming in your worlds.

We’ve got a comprehensive Enshrouded guide for new players, alongside how to increase your Enshrouded inventory size and how to make the Enshrouded glider – a tool everyone needs.

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