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How to increase your Enshrouded inventory size

If you're tired of struggling to manage your goods, you might be glad to hear there's a simple way to increase the Enshrouded inventory size.

A player character filling his Enshrouded inventory with logs.

How do you increase inventory size in Enshrouded? With rows upon rows to pile your rocks, logs, and precarious Shroud Liquid stacks, you may think you have ample space early on in your adventures through Embervale. But it only takes one step out of your front door to wind up deep in the trenches with bursting bags. Here’s what to do when those five once-clean rows of storage become a major thorn in your side.

If you’ve become your Enshrouded squad’s designated crafter-gatherer,  you might want to let the team know how to get Shroud Cores. With those, you’ll be able to upgrade your shack into a full-on forge. Need to know where to find Enshrouded Metal Scraps? We’ve got you covered. And if you don’t know how to repair weapons and equipment, how are your brawlers going to fight the good fight? Get reading.

The Enshrouded inventory screen after increasing the size.

How to increase inventory space in Enshrouded

Inventory size in Enshrouded is governed by a simple piece of equipment. Slot the appropriate item into the Bag Expansion slot on your character, and you’ll see your storage space options increase dramatically.

If you don’t want to rely on a dozen magical storage chests in your base, you’ll want to look into crafting an Enshrouded bag expansion as soon as possible.

Unlocking a bigger bag in Enshrouded starts by unlocking the Hunter. Being the second NPC you rescue, you only need to speak to the Blacksmith to learn of her location.

Once rescued and placed into your home turf, you’ll unlock the means to craft a bag upgrade – the first step to increasing your Enshrouded inventory size.

The Small Backpack craft in Enshrouded used to increase inventory size.

Craft and place the Drying Rack from the Hunter using Wood Logs and String to unlock the necessary crafting recipe – the Small Backpack. From that point on, you’ll just need Dried Fur, Torn Cloth, and String to piece together your first bag upgrade.

Dried Fur is produced via the Drying Rack by placing Salt and Animal Fur inside it. Check out our guide on how to get Enshrouded Salt if you don’t already have some.

You’ll need a stack to cure enough Animal Hides for this. Torn Cloth is common on corpses and chests, and String is easily crafted with Plant Fibers pulled from shrubs and bushes.

Equipping the Small Backpack to increase inventory size in Enshrouded.

Once you have all the materials in your inventory, just open up the Hunter’s crafting window. The first option should be the Small Backpack.

Craft it, open up the Character window, and click the Backpack Extension slot to equip your new bag. This unlocks another inventory row, allowing you to carry eight more stacks and increasing your Enshrouded carry capacity for the very first time.

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