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Enshrouded guide, tips, and tricks

Enshrouded is a survival game that mixes things up in the genre, so we have some top tips to help you survive during the early game.

A player character in Enshrouded sat on the grass next to a campfire.

What are the best Enshrouded tips and tricks? Enshrouded is an early access survival game that introduces some interesting concepts to the otherwise crowded genre, and as a result, has plenty of unique tips we can offer outside of the usual advice. The main mechanic at play in Enshrouded is the Shroud itself, which is a dangerous area you can only spend a limited amount of time in before perishing, alongside the Flame Altar which is essentially your home base.

So while we have separate guides for things like how to get Metal Scraps and how to get Shroud Cores, this should be your one-stop shop for all the top tips you need while you’re still finding your feet. Enshrouded is a huge game, with many things to consider, so read up on these top Enshrouded tips to maximize your chances of survival.

Standing next to a workbench in Enshrouded.

Use the workbench whenever you return from an outing

One thing you should get into the habit of doing whenever you return to your base, even if you haven’t been gone for very long, is interacting with your workbench. Even if you don’t need to craft anything there. That may sound pointless, but I promise there is a good reason for it: all your tools are automatically repaired to maximum durability every time you click on a workbench.

This essentially means you should never have to craft a tool again, torches aside if you let them burn out. We have more on this in our guide on how to repair your weapons and equipment in Enshrouded, so check that out for more info.

The Elixir Well icon on the Enshrouded map with a green tick.

Elixir Wells and the enemies found within can be farmed

Once you take out an Elixir Well, you’d be forgiven for thinking that’s job done. And technically, it is, because the icon gets ticked off on your map, so you don’t have to go back there. However, before too long, all the enemies will respawn, alongside the Shroud Root.

While not every Elixir Well has a boss, the first one you take on has a Fell Thunderbrute, which means you can return and farm it for more loot. Bosses typically drop powerful weapons, so you can rinse through the loot pool and acquire more weapons for your pals in co-op mode.

The Ranger Armor in the crafting menu in Enshrouded.

You can equip gear at higher levels

When you’ve recruited the Blacksmith, crafting the Rising Fighter armor set will become available to you, which requires a combination of Metal Sheets, Animal Fur, String, and Resin for each of the four parts. However, you’ll notice that this is classed as level eight armor, but you’ll likely unlock the Blacksmith long before then.

Worry not! No matter the level stated, this isn’t a requirement before you can wear the armor, and the same goes for weapons or shields too. So once you get the Hunter and you want to upgrade, you can go for the level 13 Ranger or Marksman set with no hesitation.

A mana potion in the inventory in Enshrouded.

Destroy pots in ancient vaults and spires for loot

Two of the most common structures you’ll find yourself exploring in Enshrouded are ancient vaults, where you must make your way to the chambers to awaken NPCs for your camp, and spires, which upon reaching the top, act as fast travel waypoints. Both of them offer puzzles and secrets galore, but as long as you have enough inventory space, make sure you’re smashing all of the pots and jars you can find within them.

This is because there’s a high chance they will contain loot, often in the form of health or mana potions. You may also just get water or something equally boring, but we’ve found plenty of potions this way that come in very handy when an expedition has been tougher than initially imagined.

The Glider in the crafting menu in Enshrouded.

Craft the Glider and Grappling Hook immediately

By immediately, we don’t mean right at the start because that’s impossible, but the Glider and Grappling Hook are the two most vital tools in your arsenal in Enshrouded. Crafted via a standard workbench, the Glider is the thing that will allow you to soar off the top of spires and reach your destination far quicker than running, especially since you can soar over the shroud-filled ravines found all over the Enshrouded map.

Meanwhile, the Grappling Hook isn’t quite as essential, but is still a mightily handy tool to climb various structures. Whether you’re clambering out of an Elixir Well you’ve vanquished or you’re looking for an easy way into the attic of a building, there are plenty of grapple points throughout Embervale. We’ve got more details on both of these tools in our guides on how to craft the Glider and how to craft the Grappling Hook in Enshrouded.

The requirements to strengthen the Flame Altar from level two to level three in Enshrouded.

Maximize your Flame Altar allowance around the map for easy fast travel

There are two types of waypoint you can fast travel to in Enshrouded. One is the huge spires, which you must climb by solving the labyrinth inside, before you can use it to fast travel to and soar off the top of with your glider. The second type is a Flame Altar. While you’ll likely have one dedicated base with all the NPCs, your storage, and your crafting benches, you can place multiple Flame Altars around the map.

As you “Strengthen the Flame” when interacting with the Flame Altar, the number of Altar’s you can activate increases. Strategically place new Flame Altars around the map – ideally far enough away from the gliding distance of any spires too – and you can gallivant around Embervale at will, saving lots of walking time.

The Double Jump skill in Enshrouded.

Prioritize unlocking the Double Jump skill

Enshrouded has a huge skill tree, with masses of perks and upgrades to unlock. However, there is one ability you can unlock very quickly, and that is Double Jump. Of course, it does exactly what it says on the tin by giving you the ability to jump again while already airborne, which comes in immensely handy when navigating the sometimes tricky terrain.

From the centre of the skill tree, you only need eight skill points in total to get Double Jump. Invest one point in the Strength buff on the left-hand side, then purchase Jump Attack for three skill points, which is also a very handy skill that can deal with crowd control. Double Jump comes after that for four skill points.

Now you know all of our top Enshrouded tips and tricks, you’re kitted out with the knowledge you need to get through the first 10 hours or so of this survival game. You might also be wondering where to find Enshrouded Metal Scraps, or perhaps it’s the Enshrouded Shroud Cores that have eluded you so far – we’ve got you covered in our dedicated guides.