Pull the trigger on this roguelike game sale where everything is a gun

This Enter The Gungeon Steam sale makes one of the best roguelikes of recent years available for next to nothing, and an essential pick up for genre fans.

Enter The Gungeon Steam sale: a cowboy with a hat, two pistols, and a green poncho

Enter The Gungeon is a roguelike game where everything is either a gun or a bullet. Your health hearts are red bullet shells, enemies are bullets that hold guns that shoot bullets, and there’s even a gun which is a bullet which shoots guns which shoots bullets. It’s truly one of the best dungeon crawlers and roguelikes around, and a Steam sale for Enter The Gungeon and its spin-off is one you’ll definitely want to check out.

The premise is simple, you’ve traveled to the five-floor Gungeon in hopes of wealth and glory, and each floor has a shifting layout of loot, enemies, and rooms every time you attempt to make it to the end. The twist here is that literally everything is a gun. Every weapon you unlock is a variation on a gun, with many references to other videogames and pop culture. Enemies are also guns and bullets, and it all looks phenomenal too.

Enter The Gungeon also relies heavily on a dodge roll mechanic and a number of projectiles that puts most bullet hells to shame. So if you haven’t played a bullet hell game before it’s quite the learning curve, but then again most roguelike games are.

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It’s also a massive help that the 2016 videogame has seen a handful of substantial and free updates over the years too. Together these have all added new player characters, NPCs, bosses, floors to the Gungeon, enemies, items, and guns – lots and lots of guns. Considering it’s all built into the game naturally too, you’ll feel like there’s no DLC at all on your first playthrough, but it is there.

There were around 200 guns in Enter The Gungeon at launch and that number has only gotten bigger, so every single RNG run will be completely different. If you like the broad gameplay of Hades, the visual style of Dead Cells, and the dungeon crawling of The Binding of Isaac, you’ve probably already played Enter The Gungeon. If not, now’s your time.

Enter The Gungeon is 70% off, so expect to pay $4.49 / £3.83, with the offer available until Monday, August 21. Spin-off sequel Exit The Gungeon, a dungeon climber that sees you fight waves of enemies on an elevator, is also on sale for $3.99 / £3.06, or you can get the two in a discounted bundle.

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