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Cloud saves are live on the Epic Games store, but only for “a couple of new games”

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has confirmed that cloud saves are thing - and a wider rollout is coming

It looks like cloud saves are now becoming live on the Epic Games Store. Back in March Epic posted a roadmap which indicated that cloud saves would be a “near-term” feature to implement, and now its CEO has just revealed that it is indeed being rolled out – though only for a few games, for now at least.

As spotted by an observant player (via Eurogamer) indie RPG Moonlighter, which was recently offered as a free game on the Epic Store, seemed to offer the option in its settings, with an ‘enable cloud save’ on-off slider. User ShyXLFT drew it to Epic CEO Tim Sweeney’s attention on Twitter asking if cloud saves were now live – and he confirmed it.

Sweeney’s response said “Cloud saves are enabled for a couple of new games right now. We have a bit more work to do before rolling it out more widely.” So, it sounds like at least one other game apart from Moonlighter has got the feature already – and players are already finding out which one(s).

User Arctyczyn has posted on the EpicGames PC subReddit that war survival title This War of Mine also now seems to support cloud saves.

Given that in its roadmap Epic aimed to implement the feature in the near term – around May – hopefully this “bit more work to do” won’t take too long and we’ll start to see it become available for lots more titles on the store soon.