EPOS takes on Razer, Blue, and HyperX with its very first gaming microphone

If EPOS's gaming headsets are anything to go by, its new desktop gaming microphone is one to watch

The new EPOS B20 gaming microphone sits on a desk pointed towards the user

EPOS is known for its headsets, earbuds, and amplifiers, but is now expanding into gaming microphones with its newly announced B20 – and it looks quite promising. Our EPOS H3 review discovered that it’s the best gaming headset if you want a quality microphone built in, so if the B20 keeps some of the H3’s DNA, we could be looking at one of the best gaming microphones.

At $199 / £179, it’s not a budget option, exceeding the price of high-end models such as the $169 / £159 Blue Yeti X and the $159 / £159 Elgato Wave:3. It’ll need to offer more than those two to become a top choice, but with a ringed aluminium desk stand, it’s already one of the nicest looking options you can go for.

Just like its rivals, it’s a condenser microphone that can switch between cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo pickup patterns. It has an LED light for the microphone, switching between white and red so you know when it’s muted, as well as the option to mount it to a tripod if you need to free up space on the best gaming desk.

It’s not just about the microphone itself, though, as the software needs to be up to scratch. Fortunately, the EPOS Gaming Suite makes a good first impression, as the B20 is pretty easy to set up and customise.

A product shot of the EPOS B20 gaming microphone

You’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for our EPOS B20 review to see how it fares against the clicks of the best gaming keyboard, but in our initial hands-on are positive, finding the audio quality crisp and clear.