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Escape From Tarkov dev accuses rival of “plagiarism” amid fan backlash

While the Escape From Tarkov Unheard Edition backlash rages on, the game's developer has taken to X to take aim at an up and coming rival.

Escape from Tarkov dev accuses rival of plagiarism amid fan backlash: A soldier from Escape from Tarkov stands holding a gun with a skull mask over their face.

The Escape From Tarkov Unheard Edition continues to cause problems for the game’s developer, with the community descending into chaos over the newly announced PvE mode and associated pricing. As fans take to social media, Reddit, and the Escape From Tarkov Discord to voice their dissatisfaction, the game’s developer has accused one up-and-coming rival of being a “blatant plagiarist game.”

While Escape From Tarkov made its name by introducing almost unparalleled levels of realism for an FPS game, there are newcomers who are hot on its heels. One of these is Arena Breakout: Infinite, a realistic simulation shooter that has already made waves on mobile, which is now coming to PC, with a beta starting on Wednesday, May 8.

In the wake of the fan reaction to the new Escape From Tarkov edition, the Arena Breakout: Infinite X account welcomed players exiting the game, stating that it would increase the available closed beta test slots by 10,000 if its trailer received over 5,000 retweets.

By way of response, Escape From Tarkov developer Battlestate Games accused Arena Breakout: Infinite of being nothing more than a ripoff. “Have a nice 20 minute adventure in the blatant plagiarist game. In and out,” reads the tweet. This, alongside the perceived lack of communication over the new edition, has only served to fan the flames of fan disappointment. The replies to this tweet are overwhelmingly negative, with many accusing the developer of misplaced priorities.

A tweet from the Escape From Tarkov developer.

In addition to this, a followup tweet from the company states that “PvE mode is a unique feature which is available only for the owners of The Unheard Edition.” This has also been met with an outpouring of anger as a prior edition of the game stated that all future DLC would be included in its purchase.

With the official Discord being overrun with copy-pasted protests and popular Escape From Tarkov streamers such as ‘NoiceGuy’ voicing their discontent, it is looking like it will continue to be tumultuous time for the game and its developer. As we reported previously, we have contacted Battlestate Games and will update should we receive further information.

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