Is Escape from Tarkov available on Steam?

The intense, tactical looter shooter has garnered a lot of interest during its time in closed beta, but is Escape from Tarkov available on Steam?

Is Escape from Tarkov available on steam: the sillouette of a man holding a shotgun with the sun setting behind him

Is Escape from Tarkov available on Steam? Battlestate Games’ looter shooter has attracted plenty of attention lately thanks to streamers like Dr Disrespect and XQC trying it out on their incredibly popular channels, making Escape from Tarkov the top Twitch game for a spell of time. Other streamers, like Shroud, have been playing it for longer. And yet, if you search for it on Steam nothing shows up. Puzzling.

The game is currently in closed beta, and you can access it by pre-ordering Escape from Tarkov through the developer’s website. As such, the game is only playable through a special launcher. There are currently four bundles available for pre-order but fear not as access to the closed beta is available through all of them. Looking toward the future, though, we are curious ourselves as to whether or not Escape from Tarkov is going to be available on Steam when the game fully launches.

Is Escape from Tarkov available on Steam?

Escape from Tarkov is not available on Steam or any of the other mainstream platforms. It can only be purchased through the developer’s website and played using a bespoke game launcher.

Is Escape from Tarkov coming to Steam?

Rest assured, Escape from Tarkov should be coming to Steam. In a fairly problematic interview with Wccftech back in 2016, programmer Pavel Dyatlov explained it was certainly the “plan” when asked. “We will first release the game on our platform and then we will launch on Steam, that’s the plan,” he said.

As to when the Escape from Tarkov release date is, though, we don’t know. Developers had spoken about a 2016 release date on the forums, but the FPS game is still in closed beta. Even though Tarkov is in closed beta, it has cemented itself as one of the best PC games for those who enjoy a tense, tactical, and largely punishing experience.