Escape from Tarkov is raining loot, with a wipe coming soon

Load into an Escape from Tarkov raid today, and you'll likely see up to six planes at a time making supply drops - it's all part of the pre-wipe silly season

Escape from Tarkov airdrop event: An airdrop crate emits red signal smoke in Escape from Tarkov.

The airspace over Tarkov is a bit busy these days. If you jump into an Escape from Tarkov raid right now, odds are good that you’ll see a few planes overhead. Players have spotted up to six at a time, and they’re all dropping supplies into the multiplayer survival game. It could only mean one thing: it’s pre-wipe season.

The increased supply drops made some players think a new bug had appeared in Escape from Tarkov. However, a tweet from the official Battlestate Games account confirmed that this is an intentional phenomenon. The tweet shows a digital radar display with 15 aircraft detected in range.


Airdrop supply crates are 10×12 grid containers that can have just about anything inside them, including some of the game’s most powerful gear and weapons. A half-dozen planes dropping crates into raids at all times would be a massive shock to the Tarkov economy, and so it’s a pretty clear indication that Battlestate is gearing up for the next wipe.

Airdrop event in effect right now! from EscapefromTarkov

‘Wipes’ are a complete reset of all progression in Escape from Tarkov, for all players, and they take place when Battlestate Games releases a major patch. While we aren’t sure what’s planned for the next Escape from Tarkov update yet, it’s likely that it’ll arrive this week.

In the meantime, ‘pre-wipe season’ is in effect, and it’s officially silly season in Tarkov – it’s time to get out there and try out some new hardware.