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Pro gaming simulator Esports Life will have real teams including PSG

esports life teams

Esports Life – the follow-up to the improbably popular Youtubers Life – is set to let you live out your fantasies of being very good at videogames quite soon. But how could you truly fulfill those dreams if you can’t get into a real team? Thankfully, four real-life teams have been confirmed for the game, with more on the way.

To get started on your real esports career, maybe you’d like to find out which MOBA is right for you?

Developers U-Play (no relation to the Ubisoft service) have announced that Paris Saint-Germain, or PSG, will see its prolific FIFA and Rocket League esports division joining the game. That’s alongside G2 Esports, Millenium, and Heretics.

U-Play say that new teams will be added over the course of development, and will be announced “in short.” They’re also requesting suggestions for which teams to bring to the game in the future.

Following in the wake of internet celebrity sim Youtubers Life, Esports Life will let you rise up the ranks from amateur gamer to ‘leet’ pro in either the MOBA or FPS arena. It seems the addition of PSG would also necessitate something football-themed, but we’ll see. Steam still lists the release window as ‘Fall 2017,’ which we’re rapidly approaching the end of.