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Truck Simulator 1.44 does the unthinkable to unmarked roads

One major change is coming to secret roads in the next Truck Simulator update

Finding a secret road in American Truck Simulator

1.44 will be the next major free update for American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, and the devs at SCS Software are just starting to reveal what kinds of features we can expect from the patch. They’ve just confirmed that the unthinkable is going to happen to the unmarked roads in both games: they’re going to be marked.

Yes, well, the term ‘unmarked road’ might no longer be relevant after the roads are marked, but there’s still going to be an opportunity for discovery. Both ATS and ETS2 feature a number of roads that aren’t marked on the map, leading to smaller side areas. Right now, though, those side roads remain unmarked even after you’ve driven them.

They’ll remain unmarked at the start in 1.44, but once you’ve discovered a secret area, it’ll be added to the map so that you can easily find it again. You’ll also get a handy notification of your discovery with a line in the route advisor.

We don’t yet know much else about the 1.44 update, but we do know that the devs are working on multiple reworks to improve older areas, like California and Austria, and we’ll likely start to see pieces of those reworks making it into the game soon.

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You can get an idea of the breadth of changes in the previous patch with the video above. For more truck games, you can follow that link.