Europa Universalis 4’s Leviathan expansion launches next month

Leviathan asks players to "play tall" with smaller realms and glittering capitals

March 30, 2021 Paradox has announced that Leviathan will launch April 27.

Paradox has unveiled the next expansion for its grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV. Dubbed Leviathan, this expansion will offer new development options that allow players to “play tall” by establishing smaller, more concentrated realms. The new EU4 DLC will come alongside a free update that reworks EU4’s Southeast Asia and Australasian regions, both slated to launch April 27.

“Picture a capital city that shines like a gemstone, improved by the wealth drawn from the hinterland – decorated by riches demanded from vassals,” Paradox’s description of Leviathan reads. “A capital not of a mighty territorial empire, but of a compact and concentrated state that can still use gold and favors to influence neighbors and rivals.”

With the Leviathan expansion, players will have access to new ways to develop their nation’s capital city, even building beyond the province’s construction limitations – at least, as long as you have the money and resources to pay the steep price. The expansion “offers new tools that allow you to play ‘tall’ with smaller and more focused realms with a few centers of power,” Paradox says. “It also has a host of other changes to well-established game features like Regencies and Colonies.”

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

“One of the highlights of Leviathan is the ability to use diplomatic Favors to gain benefits from other nations,” Paradox explains. “If you post a diplomat to curry favor in a foreign nation, you will slowly build up enough diplomatic power to request material aid, changes in alliances and even the return of core provinces.”

That certainly broadens the range of approaches available to use in your conquest of the early modern world.

The free Europa Universalis IV update coming alongside Leviathan includes a rework of Southeast Asia and Australasia, adding new nations, cultures, and religions to the strategy game’s world.

Head over to the Leviathan Steam page for the time being for more information.