Green Man Gaming to give away Eve trials with pre-orders of Far Cry 4 and more

Far Cry 4: fairly green.

The other day, PCGamesN friends and digital distributors Green Man Gaming launched their Welcome Pack initiative. New sign-ups would yield free copies of Gun Monkeys and Sanctum, 30 days of Eve, and a decent discount to help fund further Steam key purchases.

Those of us with long-established accounts were in no position to benefit. But GMG have rectified that oversight by offering the same pack as an incentive to pre-purchase one of six PC games – Civ: Beyond Earth, Shadow of Mordor, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Far Cry 4 or Alien: Isolation.

Pre-order any of the six games and you’ll get the Welcome Pack within 72 hours – and with it access to Gun Monkeys, Sanctum, retro platformer Canyon Capers, and 30 days of Eve.

Expect four Eve add-on packs to boot – Colonist, Explorer, Industrialist and Skirmisher – and a 23% off voucher in your purchase confirmation email.

If you’re a new user, you don’t need to buy anything – only register on the GMG site and opt into their mailing list.

Apply the code you’re emailed on this page of redemption. And that’s it. Ace. Let us know what you play first, won’t you?