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All Evercore Heroes characters

Everything you need to know about the revealed Evercore Heroes characters so far, their abilities, and their team roles as part of a four-player party.

One of the Evercore Heroes characters smirking while wearing a massive suit of armor with no helm.

Who are the Evercore Heroes characters? Rather than being yet another competitive MOBA, Evercore Heroes challenges two teams of four to clear missions as quickly as possible. Your success will depend on your character choice and how well they synergize with the rest of your party.

While the MOBA game is still far from a public release having just entered closed beta, players are now getting to grips with the Evercore Heroes characters. We’ll give you the basic rundown of what each character does in Evercore Heroes and their role in attacking enemy positions or defending your party from oncoming damage.

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Evercore Heroes character list

Here are all the revealed Evercode Heroes characters, along with their roles:

  • Lotus – Support
  • Cynder – Damage
  • Beko – Support
  • Fyn – Tank
  • Remy – Support
  • Shade – Damage
  • Zari – Damage
  • Blink – Damage
  • Maxx – Tank
  • Riiva – Tank
  • Sydian – Tank
  • Grayce – Damage
  • Kaine – Damage
  • Oria – Damage
  • Skye – Damage
  • Syrus – Support
  • Clementine – Support (coming soon)

Each character during the closed beta has access to a passive trait and four abilities mapped to certain keys. The R key is for the hero’s ultimate ability, while the Q, W, and E keys are regular abilities. Below are all the skills for the revealed Evercode Heroes characters:

Lotus is one of the Evercorer Heroes characters of the supporter type. She is wearing armor that looks like a pink flower.


  • Seed of Light (Trait) – using healing abilities on an ally grants them a Seed of Light. Lotus’ auto-attacks will heal any ally with a Seed of Light for 20% of the damage dealt.
  • Shearing Slash (Q) – dash a short distance dealing 147 physical damage to all enemies in range. This attack will heal all allies with a Seed of Light by 25% of all damage dealt (Cooldown: four seconds).
  • Illuminated Petals (W) – heal all allies in an area around you for 110, granting you and them a Seed of Light (Cooldown: seven seconds).
  • Blossom (E) – plant a seed in the ground which blooms after 1.5 seconds, healing allies for 235 and granting them a Seed of Light (Cooldown: five seconds).
  • Spirit of Alacrity (R) – grant yourself and allies with a Seed of Light 105 shield, stun immunity, and 15% attack speed for 15 seconds (Cooldown: 60 seconds).

Cynder is one of the Evercore Heroes characters in the damage category, with a purple jacket with a yellow collar. His hand is producing a flame.


  • Burning Torch (Trait) – hitting enemies with your abilities causes them to burn, dealing damage over time and granting Cynder 100 spell power for each burning target. Basic attacks against burning targets refund ten mana.
  • Spellbomb (Q) – set off a delayed explosion that damages enemies for 220 magical damage. If enemies walk over the bomb as it powers up, they will catch fire. Cost: 80 mana (Cooldown: 10 seconds).
  • Fireball (W) – launch a fire ball in the selected direction, which will damage the first enemy it hits for 455 magical damage. Cost: 50 mana (Cooldown: eight seconds)
  • Ashen Incantation (E) – sends out a cone of fire, dealing 270 magical damage to all enemies hit. Cost: 500 mana (Cooldown: six seconds)
  • Burning Heart (R) – creates a fiery aura around Cynder for the next eight seconds that ignites all nearby enemies in the area. While the aura is active, Cynder gains an additional 25 armor, 100% mana regen, and 20% spell power. Cost: 50 mana (Cooldown: 120 seconds)

Beko is one of the Ever Core Heroes characters in the support type. They are wearing a mask and holding a staff with a lantern on it.


  • Clearcast (Trait) – auto-attacks have a chance to make the next Imbue Life instant and free to cast.
  • Imbue Life (Q) – apply an initial heal of 175 to a target ally, plus an additional 40 each second for eight seconds. Cost: 80 mana (Cooldown: three seconds).
  • Health Sprout (W) – restore 50 health to an ally each second for eight seconds. When used on an ally that already has Imbue Life or Health Sprout, it consumes the ability and heals 120% of the remaining heal. Cost: 120 mana (Cooldown: three seconds).
  • Harmonize (E) – target an ally to remove crowd control effects from them or target an enemy to Confuse it for three seconds. Cost: 100 mana (Cooldown: ten seconds)
  • Miracle (R) – the Miraluum in Spirit Healer’s lantern creates an area that heals nearby allies for 80 every one second for eight seconds. Cost: 150 mana (Cooldown: 90 seconds).

Fyn is one of the Evercore Heroes characters in the tank class. He is wearing armor lined with wool.


  • Mana Barrier (Trait) – gain one mana for each enemy taunted (up to a maximum of 500). For every 20 mana gained, gain one armor and one spell resistance.
  • Charge (Q) – charge in the target direction, dealing 210 magic damage and taunting all enemies in a radius at the end of the charge. Colliding with an enemy applies an additional stun to the target. Deals 130% magic damage if fully charged (Cooldown: seven seconds).
  • Shield Toss (W) – throw shield forward and back like a boomerang. Hitting an enemy stuns and deals 204 physical damage to them and all nearby enemies (Cooldown: eight seconds).
  • Get Behind Me! (E) – generate a giant shield in the target direction. While active, it blocks enemy projectiles, reducing damage by 30% and slowing movement speed by 50%. Taking damage or blocking projectiles returns 20 mana. Recast or use a different ability to burst the shield, dealing 145 magic damage and taunting all enemies hit (Cooldown: eight seconds).
  • Guardian Smash (R) – leap into the air and smash into the ground, sending out a shockwave that taunts all enemies in a wide area. For ten seconds, gain 400 shield for each enemy hit by the shockwave. Nearby allies gain 250 shield (Cooldown: 90 seconds)

Remy is one of the Evercore Heroes characters in the support class. He has a strange green gadget on his left hand.


  • Defibrillator (Trait) – you can revive downed allies with your med-packs. This effect can only happen every 90 seconds. When Remy has 50+ Momentum, he becomes Amped, modifying the effects of his abilities. When Remy has 90+ Momentum, he becomes Silenced, preventing casting abilities with a cost. Auto-attacks generate Momentum (Cooldown: 90 seconds).
  • Med-Pack (Q) – drop a med-pack on the ground that heals allies for 93 health on pickup. When Amped (50+ Momentum), Med-Packs explode on pickup, healing nearby allies for 26 health every one second and damaging enemies for 175 magical damage. Enemies are also poisoned for 16 magical damage every one second. Generates 20 Momentum and the effect duration is four seconds (Cooldown: five seconds).
  • Gas Grenade (W) – launch a grenade that releases gas on impact, applying daze and poison to enemies, dealing 26 magical damage every one second and reducing their healing received by 25%. When Amped (50+ Momentum), poisoned enemies instead take 45 magical damage every one second. Removes 20 Momentum and the effect duration is five seconds (Cooldown: eight seconds).
  • Shield Shot (E) – fire an energy shot at an ally, granting them 110 shield. Recast the ability to teleport to the target. Doing so lowers the cooldown of Med-Pack by two seconds and generates Momentum. When Amped (50+ Momentum), the shield granted is increased by 20% of the target’s maximum health, and recasting the ability lowers the cooldown of Med-Pack by three seconds instead. Generates ten Momentum (Cooldown: six seconds).
  • Emergency Shelter (R) – instantly generates a protective dome around Remy, dealing 500 magical damage and knocking back nearby enemies. The dome blocks enemies and projectiles until Remy runs out of Momentum. Removes 20 Momentum and has a duration of five to 15 seconds (Cooldown: 60 seconds).

Shade is one of the many damage type Evercore Heroes characters. She has a futuristic purple bodysuit and is holding two blades.


  • Critical Strikes (Trait) – all of Shade’s attacks have a +10% chance to deal critical damage. Shade deals 100% physical damage when attacking from behind.
  • Teleport (Q) – blink to the target location. Generates 15 Momentum (Cooldown: seven seconds).
  • Slash (W) – lunge forward a short distance dealing 190 physical damage to all enemies caught in the slash. Generates 35 Momentum (Cooldown: eight seconds).
  • Backlash (E) – consumes all Momentum instantly, attacking a single target for seven physical damage per point of Momentum consumed. Generates 25 Momentum (Cooldown: five seconds)
  • Phase Clone (R) – creates a clone that taunts enemies. It will then explode, dealing 400 physical damage to all enemies in range. Generates 35 Momentum (Cooldown: 90 seconds).

Zari is one of the many Evercore Heroes characters in the damage type. She is holding a big bow and arrow and has a cyan cloak.


  • Hunter’s Zenith (Trait) – basic attacking five times will grant the Hunter’s Zenith buff, which will improve the next ability used. Solar Shot’s damage increases by 50%, Tracer Arrows’ duration increases by two seconds, and Skypiercer blinds enemies.
  • Solar Shot (Q) – charge your bow to shoot a piercing arrow in the target direction, dealing 199 physical damage to all enemies in its path. Enemies hit at the end of the shot take 332 physical damage (Cooldown: six seconds).
  • Tracer Arrows (W) – empower your basic attacks for the next two seconds, causing them to deal 157 physical damage while also reducing target armor by 5% (Cooldown: eight seconds)
  • Skypiercer (E) – call down a solar flare that lasts for five seconds and damages all enemies inside it for 108 physical damage every second (Cooldown: seven seconds)
  • Dawn to Dusk (R) – enter a state of concentration that increases vision range. Left-click up to three times to fire enchanted arrows, each with a different effect. The first will deal 497 magical damage and reduce enemy’s armor by 30% for six seconds. The second deals 497 magical damage while rooting all enemies hit. The last shot will finish with a massive explosion, dealing 730 physical damage to all enemies hit (Cooldown: 120 seconds).

Blink is one of the many Evercore Heroes characters of the damage class. She is wearing a brown sleeveless jacket with red cape and two ethereal firsts appear near her.


  • Momentum Barrier (Trait) – gain an increase to attack speed based on how high Blink Boxer’s Momentum is.
  • Hyperdash (Q) – dash forward, pulling enemies toward Blink Boxer. At the end of the dash, gain a shield equal to 30% max health for five seconds. Hyperdashing increases your chance to dodge physical attacks by 10% for six seconds, stacking up to three times. It will also refresh the duration of the physical power buff granted by Uppercut. Generates 40 Momentum (Cooldown: six seconds).
  • Pummel (W) – hold this ability to throw a sustained flurry of punches at all enemies in range, dealing 70 physical damage every 0.5 seconds (modified by attack speed). Every punch deals 5% more damage. At the end of Pummel, remove all buffs granted by Hyperdash and Uppercut. Cost: 10 Momentum per second (Cooldown: six seconds).
  • Uppercut (E) – a devastating punch that deals 180 physical damage and stuns enemies for two seconds. Uppercutting an enemy increases your physical power by 200 for six seconds, stacking up to three times. It will also refresh the duration of the Dodge granted by Hyperdash. Generates 25 Momentum (Cooldown: six seconds).
  • Sonic Boom (R) – launch a massive magical fist that causes 540 physical damage and a five-second stun to all enemies caught in its path. Generates 25 Momentum (Cooldown: 100 seconds).

Maxx is valiantly standing on a sword and shield, and is one of the Evercore Heroes characters of the tank class. He is a rodent of sorts.


  • Stance Swap (Trait) – change between Fighter and Tank stances, altering the effects of your abilities. While in Fighter Stance, the damage is increased by 10%, while in Tank Stance, gain 10% damage mitigation (Cooldown: two seconds).
  • Whirlwind (Q) – swing a sword in a circle six times over three seconds, dealing 65 physical damage with each swing. If Whirlwind hits an enemy three times, they will have their armor reduced by 25% for three seconds. Recast to cancel the ability (Cooldown: eight seconds).
  • Punching Up (E) – swing a sword upward, dealing 225 physical damage to enemies hit and knocking them into the air and towards a target location (Cooldown: 15 seconds)
  • Final Stance – Fighter Stance (R) – summon the spirit of Maxx’s former master, who charges forward with his sword, dealing 390 physical damage and applying a 30% armor debuff for five seconds to all enemies hit. This ability shares a cooldown with the Tank Stance version (Cooldown: 90 seconds)
  • Final Stance – Tank Stance (R) – summon the spirit of Maxx’s former master, who charges forward with his shield, dealing 390 magic damage and reducing enemy movement speed and attack speed by 40% to all enemies hit. This ability shares a cooldown with the Fighter Stance version (Cooldown: 90 seconds)

Riivia is a barbarian-like orc and is one of the Evercore Heroes characters of the damage type.


  • Savage Strikes (Trait) – casting an ability grants two stacks of Savage Strike that increase your attack speed. Attacking consumes a stack.
  • Weapon Throw (Q) – throws an axe a fixed distance. If an enemy is hit, they take 270 damage and the axe stops. When the axe lands, it creates a slow field on the ground and taunts nearby enemies. Recast the ability to leap directly to the weapon and pick it up (Cooldown: seven seconds).
  • Parry (W) – grant yourself 100% damage reduction for one second. If you take damage during this time, generate ten Fury and reduce Parry’s cooldown by 50% (Cooldown: ten seconds)
  • Smash (E) – smash the ground in the target direction dealing 160 physical damage to all enemies in the area of the attack. Costs 40 Fury (Cooldown: one second).
  • Face Me! (R) – leap to a target enemy to issue a challenge to them, knocking back, slowing, and taunting all other enemies in the area. The challenged enemy takes 50% increased damage from all sources for five seconds (Cooldown: 90 seconds).

Sydian is wearing a hood and elaborate armor with wings. He is one of the many Evercore Heroes characters.


  • Shield Mark (Trait) – enemies Sydian hits are marked for three seconds. Any damage marked enemies receive builds Sydian’s shield, up to 30% of his max health.
  • Gravity Warp (Q) – launch a magic orb that damages all enemies it passes through for 205 magical damage. On termination, the shot pulls in nearby enemies and applies stun. Recast to terminate the projectile early. Cost: 100 mana (Cooldown: eight seconds).
  • Overshield (W) – grant all of your shield to an ally, taunt all nearby enemies, and gain 25% of the amount back as mana. Enemies that break the ally’s shield will have Confusion applied to them. Cost: 40 mana (Cooldown: five seconds).
  • Forbidden Mist (E) – drop an area of effect debuff that lasts for six seconds. Enemy movement is reduced to 60%, and damage dealt by them is reduced to 75%. Enemies take 115% increased damage and receive 37 damage every 0.5 seconds for every 0.5 seconds while in the mist. It applies marked. Cost: 80 mana (Cooldown: 12 seconds).
  • Chaotic Nightmare (R) – open a vortex of pure chaos at your feet, dealing 155 damage to all surrounding enemies and applying confusion. Confused enemies attack each other for eight seconds. Cost: 150 mana (Cooldown: 80 seconds).

Grayce is an android ballerina who is one of the many Evercore Heroes characters.


  • Encore & Captivate (Trait) – Encore: each of Grayce’s basic abilities has an Encore condition that, when met, allows her to recast that ability within four seconds. Recast via Encore up to two additional times. Captivate: for each ability cast, gain a Performance stack. At five Performance stacks, the next ability will captivate any hit opponents, stunning them for one second.
  • Pirouette (Q) – twirl in a deadly circle, dealing 190 physical damage to enemies hit. Hitting three or more enemies with Twirl will activate Encore (Cooldown: six seconds).
  • Flyting Jeté (W) – suspend yourself in the air, becoming untargetable and allowing you to reposition for up to two seconds. After two seconds or on recast, leap down to the ground, dealing 160 magic damage to enemies hit. Hitting a single target deals 340 damage instead. Executing an enemy with Flying Jeté activates Encore (Cooldown: eight seconds).
  • Graceful Dash (E) – dash towards a target location, dealing 200 physical damage to enemies hit. This ability can be recast for the next two seconds to dash a second time. Hitting at least one enemy with both dashes will activate Encore (Cooldown: seven seconds).
  • Final Bow (R) – bow to the audience and deal 440 magic damage to enemies caught in the area of effect. This damage is increased to 1,030 magic damage if you have five performance stacks (Cooldown: 90 seconds)

Kaine has an elvish appearance and is one of the many Evercore Heroes characters.


  • Spirit of Kyru (Trait) – every third auto-attack hits enemies in an arc. Completing this three-attack sequence increases attack range and refunds five mana for every target hit. The sequence resets and the effect disappears after two seconds without an auto-attacks.
  • Multi Spear (Q) – attack your previous target (otherwise the nearest target), dealing 100 physical damage. This ability has three charges, which are regained after the cooldown. Resets auto-attack sequence. Cost: one stack (Cooldown: eight seconds).
  • Range Maker (W) – jump forward or back to the maximum melee range towards the target, dealing 200 physical damage. Resets auto-attack sequence. Cost: 40 mana (Cooldown: five seconds).
  • Mark for Death (E) – target enemy is marked and takes 150% damage for two seconds. If a marked target dies, Marked for Death is reset and Kyru Unleashed! has its cooldown reduced by five seconds. Cost: 60 mana (Cooldown: 16 seconds).
  • Kyru Unleashed! (R) – turn into the legendary dragon Kyru and launch in a direction, dealing 355 physical damage to all enemies passed through. Recast to end dragon form in an explosion that deals 625 physical damage to nearby enemies and activates the Spirit of Kyru. Cost: 100 mana (Cooldown: 60 seconds).

Oria is one of many Evercore Heroes characters, but the only one with a massive cannon.


  • Strike From Afar (Trait) – Oria’s abilities deal +10% bonus damage when they are shot past 75% of their maximum range.
  • Artillery Volley (Q) – fire a volley of three artillery shells from Oria’s location to the target location. Each shell that hits deals 180 magical damage (Cooldown: seven seconds).
  • Targeted Strike (W) – hold to charge a devastating artillery shell that deals 380 magical damage to enemies in the area. Charging up the ability expands the area size (Cooldown: eight seconds)
  • Escape Shot (E) – fire a short-range shot towards a target direction that deals 190 magical damage on hit and dash in the opposite direction (Cooldown: eight seconds).
  • Killing Field (R) – activate to drop a targeting field. Recast three times to target areas within the field. After acquiring three targets, fire three devastating shots, which land in the area one after another after one second delay, each dealing 800 magical damage to all enemies hit (Cooldown: 90 seconds).

Skye is one of the shorter Evercore Heroes characters, holding a parasol and befriending a cute alien.


  • Form Change (Trait) – change between Water and Lightning Forms, altering the effects of your abilities. While in Water form, your mana regenerates 50% faster (Cooldown: two seconds).
  • Ground Rune (Q) – place a rune on the ground that detonates after three seconds. If Water Form, enemies in the area are slowed and take 140 magic damage on detonation. If Lightning Form, enemies take 140 magic damage on detonation. Additionally, this ability has 25% increased Critical Hit chance (Cooldown: eight seconds).
  • Bubble (W) – throws a bubble that flies to the target location before returning. If Water Form, for all allies hit, grants a shield that blocks 135 damage for two seconds. If Lightning Form, deal 110 magic damage to enemies hit (Cooldown: seven seconds).
  • Storm (E) – sends a cloud that floats toward a target location and slows down as it approaches near the max distance. Every 0.5 seconds, the cloud zaps a nearby enemy, dealing 69 magic damage and applying additional effects depending on the type of cloud. Enemies that make contact with the cloud also take damage and additional effects. If Water Form, shred three spell resistance from enemies hit. If Lightning Form, enemies hit get micro-stun applied to them. Cloud duration: four seconds (Cooldown: nine seconds).
  • Tsunami (R) releases a giant wave that washes enemies away. At the end of the wave, unleash a blast dealing 675 magic damage (Cooldown: 120 seconds).

Syrus is one of many Evercore Heroes characters. He is holding a sword and has a weird left eye.


  • Ammo Swap (Trait) – switch between Healing and Damage Mode. Damage Mode abilities scale with weapon power, while Healing Mode abilities scale with spell power (Cooldown: one second)
  • Ray Shot (Q) – fire a beam that either heals allies or hurts enemies, depending on its active mode. Healing Mode’s beam heals for 180 health. Damage Mode’s beam deals 260 damage. Firing Ray Shot grants a small heal to Phoenix Ranger (Cooldown: five seconds)
  • Double Barrel (W) – fire two shotgun blasts in a cone toward a target location. Healing Mode will heal allies for 120 health per blast. Damage Mode will damage enemies for 140 damage per blast (Cooldown: eight seconds)
  • Slide (E) – quickly slide in the target direction, ignoring collision with enemies (Cooldown: seven seconds).
  • Gatling Gun (R) – fire a barrage of 50 bullets toward a target location over five seconds while slowly walking backward. Healing Mode will heal allies for 65 health. Damage Mode will deal 45 damage to enemies hit (Cooldown: 60 seconds).

Those are all the currently revealed Evercore Heroes characters. There are still a few slots on the Evercore Heroes website where new characters can appear, and players should soon have a better idea of how each hero stacks against the others. It has the potential to be a great co-op game for up to four people when it finally leaves its closed beta, so check back soon for more.