Is there Evil West crossplay?

Everything you need to know about whether or not Evil West crossplay exists, just in case you want to play with a friend who owns the game on console

Evil West crossplay - a cowboy with an eye patch standing outside a temple. He is wearing a bandolier.

You’ll be wondering whether Evil West crossplay is a thing if you’re keen on playing the gunslinging, vampire-slaying adventure in co-op across different platforms. This feature appears most frequently in higher-budget titles, but occasionally you see this oft-requested feature in smaller-scale games.

If you have read our Evil West preview, you’ll know that this is a combat-focused game set in a twisted version of the wild west. Vampires roam the land, waiting to have their arms burst from a well-placed gunshot or homunculi rushing towards you, gushing crimson like a water fountain display whenever you land a punch. With rootin’ tootin’ cowboys packing serious heat, it has the potential to be one of the best western games on PC in quite some time.

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Does Evil West have crossplay?

Sadly, we can confirm that Evil West does not have crossplay. At around the 12-minute mark during a recent developer stream, Tomasz Gop & Andre Golebski from Flying Wild Hog answered a question about the popular feature, saying that they “didn’t have enough time to implement crossplay for all platforms”. It’s also worth noting that even when you play co-op with another human online, the game does not save progress for the second player.

This means if you want to play through the entire game with a friend, the same person must host every time, and if you only want to do part of the game in co-op, when you return in single-player, you’ll need to complete the same parts of the game again that you completed previously in co-op if you weren’t the host. Our guide on how long Evil West is will assist in knowing the full mission list, however.

Since Evil West is exclusive to Steam on PC, there’s also no way you can link up to other services, such as the Epic Games Store or GOG. We realise that this revelation is quite disappointing, particularly if you’ve been following the development of Evil West for some time and wish to share the chaotic carnage with a buddy who doesn’t play on PC.

If the news that there is no Evil West crossplay turns you off the game and you wish to look elsewhere for crossplay action, we suggest you check out our best co-op games list and see if anything there takes your fancy that also has the feature. However, if you’re keen on discovering all that the game has to offer, check out our guide to all of the Evil West unique chests to seek the treasures hidden within.