Where to find Evil West unique chests for perks, upgrades, and skins

Learn where to find the Evil West unique chests hidden throughout the game’s many levels, with each one containing valuable upgrades and skins

Evil West unique chests locations - Jesse is standing in the halls of a grand building with his companions looking at each other.

Looking for all of those pesky Evil West unique chests? You can find these treasure troves throughout the campaign, tucked away in nooks behind explosives or on platforms you need to shoot down chains to reach. These chests mostly contain skins to change your appearance, but you can also obtain new perks and upgrades.

If you miss any Evil West unique chests, it’s not the end of the world. Head into the Lore section of the pause menu at any time and go to the tab with the exclamation point. Select the mission from the list below. You’ll start again from The Calico or the beginning of the level. You can either select ‘return to main progress’ from the same menu or finish the mission to warp back to where you left off in the action-adventure game.

All Evil West unique chest locations

There are 21 unique chests hidden across the western game’s campaign, and you can find a full mission list in our guide on how long Evil West is. Here are all of the Evil West unique chest locations:

The Raid

Evil West unique chests locations - Jesse is standing outside of a dilapidated house.

At the beginning of the mission, you’ll see some bandits shooting at cans outside of a house. After beating them up, punch down the barricaded house door and enter the room on the left. The box on the other side of the room contains the Ghost Scarf skin.

The Devil’s Pass

Evil West unique chests locations - a chest is sat on the side of a cliff next to some wood planks.

About a third of the way through this mission, you’ll drop down the side of a cliff. The action game’s tooltips tell you about Unique Chests as one is on your path. But, while you can walk past it, this chest is in plain sight, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it, and it has the Booming Business perk.

Evil West unique chests locations - standing in a pool of blood, Jesse spots some rope to his right.

After beating the Vampire Highborn miniboss, just after Jesse first sees the Gowrow, go to the path on the right. The chest at the end of this path has the Ghost Rifle skin.

Remote Ri Outpost

After beating the Leecher, head into the mines. Defeat the first set of enemies and wade under the gap to fight more foes inside. Climb over the fence afterwards to get the Lethal Heights perk.

Evil West unique chests locations - a barricade is on Jesse's left, while lots of explosves are to his right.

After beating the Leecher, head into the mines. After wading under the gap to get to the other chest in this level, head back through the opening. Proceed down the new path to find a closed-off gate and some TNT. Shoot the TNT to find the chest with the Ghost Suit skin inside.

Smoke and Mirrors

Evil West unique chests locations - a chest is open near a run-down shed.

After beating the Carrion Husk, head up the road past the shack to the left. Then, go up the hill and loop around, running around the back of the hut to access the chest containing the Ghost Hat skin.

Evil West unique chests locations - a bush in the forest obstructs the path between Jesse and the chest.

Continue through the leech forest until you drop down a ledge and are immediately attacked by Infected Wasters. Once dealt with, turn left and head through the gap. You should see a burnable bush to the left of the path. Burn it down and claim the Boom Balls perk inside the box.


Evil West unique chests locations - the pillars are shown in the correct pattern to get to the chest.

As you reach the room with bees and Edgar, lower the water levels with both wheels, then go downstairs. Move all the pieces so that the small blocks are on the right side of the puzzle and the larger ones are on the left. Then, move the straight-path block into position at the start of the path, near the footprints at the top of the stairs. Next, move the block that looks like a corner piece into position towards the doorway on the other side before shunting the final block just to the left of it. Walk across your newly made bridge and around the corner to claim your hard-earned prize – the Adrenaline Junkie perk.

Where Oil Tastes Like Blood

Evil West unique chests locations - to Jesse's right is an arena, but to his left is a drop onto a platform in the oil refinery.

Near the start of the mission, before leaping to the first circular arena, there is some TNT next to the bridge. Blow it up and descend to find the box with the Ghost Boomstick skin inside.

Evil West unique chests locations - at the edge of lake, there is a barricaded house with a chest on a small island at the other end of the building.

After draining the lake, defeat the first set of Nagal in the next arena before looking for the shack and punching down the door. Burn away the cobwebs inside to reveal the path towards the chest, which contains a perk point.

Evil West unique chests locations - a chest lies open in the distance in between an oil tower and some barrels. Cobwebs needed to be burned down to access this point.

Later, after descending the zipline, you’ll find an open area where mortar fire bombards you constantly. Stick to the left side, and as you approach the corner at the far end of this area, before the leap over the barricade, you’ll see a thicket between the oil tower and some barrels. Burn it down to find the crate with the Bursting Bolts upgrade inside.

Bats In The Belfry

Immediately after walking through the stables, you’ll need to defeat enemies before shooting three switches to open a door. Instead, head straight on from where you enter this arena to find a chain you can shoot down and climb to the chest with the Healthy Lifestyle perk.

A Man Of The People

Evil West unique chests locations - Jesse is standing outside of a windmill in a small town.

At the start of A Man Of The People, run down the road to the right past the General Store. Turn left and follow the alley until enemies burst through the windmill door ahead. Kill them and head inside the building. Go up the ladder on your left and head up the stairs to your right and claim the Work-Life Balance perk from the nearby chest.

Evil West unique chests locations - Jesse is inside a cave looking at a broken ladder showing him the way out.

From the previous chest in the windmill, head to the bottom floor and punch through the door. Turn right and cross the bridge to find a cave on your left. Defeat the enemies inside and make your way up the ladder to your right. The box containing the Ghost Revolver skin should be near a letter collectible but before the drop.

Lightning In A Bottle

During this mission, you must turn on a second lightning tower by activating switches, which requires you to push a minecart. After moving this cart for the first time, return to its starting position and look for a chain to shoot nearby. Climb the chain to find cash and the Ghost Gauntlet skin inside the chest.

Evil West unique chests locations - looking at the giant lab on top of the hill, there is a small log with barriers immediately ahead of Jesse.

After activating this lightning tower, you’ll come across an arena full of enemies in the mountains. Before crossing the bridge, look for a fallen log with a glowing access point. There you’ll find the chest with a perk point in it.

Old Friends

Evil West unique chests locations - Jesse is about to shoot at a target across the other side of the ethereal swamp.

When starting Old Friends, there is a section relatively early on in the mission where you must go inside a cave to cross a river because the bridge is out. After blowing up a wall, you’ll find a mine. Head across the collapsing planks in front of you and shoot the target to your left on the ceiling. Doing so drops a new set of planks. Head back and turn right to cross the other set of planks, punching down the door ahead. Head to the far left of this safe platform, just before the single collapsable plank and look at the ceiling to the right. Shoot the target and cross the bridge to the right, then turn left and cross the collapsable platforms you’ve been lowering to reach the chest with the Life Support perk inside. If you go up to get the blueprints, you’ve gone too far.

A Son’s Duty

Evil West unique chests locations - Jesse wields a flamethrower as he wades through a warehouse covered in spiders and cobwebs.

As you enter the maze of webs, keep to the left and burn webs until you find the chest with the Ghost Zapper skin hidden in an alcove. If you find webs clinging onto a train and some planks, you’ve gone too far away from the box.

After the maze of webs during A Son’s Duty, as you’re making your way across to the other side of the boxcars, look for a lock to shoot close to a tower ahead. This drops a chain you need to climb up said tower later to find a chest containing the Tooldown perk.

The Heist

Evil West unique chests locations - Jesse on top of a building with some broken boxes and a barrel up ahead.

After grabbing the blueprint, go up the ramp, clear the enemies you find there, and vault over the barrier. Head upstairs and look for a lock to shoot to release the chain. Climb said chain, and you’ll see boxes and barrels ahead of you. Walk into them, turn back to the stairs, and they should disappear. Drop down from the ledge behind the boxes and barrel to grab the chest with the Fire & Forget upgrade.

Evil West unique chests locations - Jesse standing outside of an office door inside a bank. A plant pot is outside.

Later on, you’ll enter a bank. Before taking out the Glamours, open the door to the small office opposite the bank’s vault where the mission marker is currently pointing you to investigate. You need to stand next to it to get the prompt to open it to reveal the final chest, which has the third perk point.

With that, you should now have opened all 21 Evil West unique chests and looted all of the collectibles in the game. Of course, it helps to have another player hunt down these valuable treasures by playing Evil West as a co-op game, but if you’re hoping to play Evil West crossplay, you may wish to check whether or not the popular mode is supported.