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Third time’s a charm: The Evil Within now due out on October 14th

The Evil Within

We don’t really know when The Evil Within is coming out. I mean, I can tell you that the campy horror game is due out on October 14th, but since we’ve already told you that it would arrive on August 29th, and then October 21st, I’m not really sure if you’d believe me. 

Maybe this is all a joke at your expensive, and we’re just sitting around, sipping wine out of ornate chalices, laughing at you. I guess you’ll have to take that chance. 

At least this time, the release date has been pushed forward rather than back. Now it’s due out on the same day in both North America and Europe.

Our Jules played around with it a couple of months ago, likening it to a funfair house of horrors. He found the scares crude and clumsy, and the camera was the most dangerous enemy, but he was entertained by its silliness.

So it’s coming out on October 14th. Probably.