Evolve teaser brings bad news: beta and DLC out on Xbox One first

Evolve E3 teaser

Oh, Microsoft. You really are like the people who feel the need to post “first” in comments sections. Evolve, Turtle Rock’s human versus monster co-operative shooter, was teased at the Microsoft conference in a new trailer. 

The hunters faced off against a new monster; a Cthulhu-style tentacles monstrosity. It looks like a hoot to play and to kill. Unfortunately it also comes with the announcement that Evolve’s beta will be an Xbox exclusive, while the DLC will be on Xbox One first. 

I expected this from Advanced Warfare, since Call of Duty and Xbox have been best buds for years, but it’s a shame to see a new IP following suit, especially when it has its roots in Left 4 Dead, which – despite featuring on consoles – really thrived thanks to the PC modding community.

This comes after the news that modding isn’t something Turtle Rock are really thinking about at this point. A cynic might think that has something to do with keeping modless console folk happy. It probably doesn’t, but it is two bits of bad news about a game that looks like it could be something very special.

Evolve is due out on October 21st.