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Battlefront meets StarCraft as FPS strategy game launches on Steam

As Executive Assault 2 leaves Steam Early Access, this hybrid of RTS and FPS combines space combat and ground warfare in a blend of C&C, Halo, and Battlefront.

Executive Assault 2 launches on Steam - A giant ship in space flees a huge explosion in this blend of RTS and FPS games from solo developer Rob Hesketh.

Star Wars Battlefront offers grand-scale conflict among the stars and planetary ground battles to boot. But what if you incorporated the strategic elements of games like StarCraft and Command & Conquer? That’s exactly what Executive Assault 2, the latest blend of RTS and FPS games, does in style. Out now following five years in development through Steam Early Access and with ‘very positive’ Steam reviews, Executive Assault 2 is finally complete.

First launched through Valve’s early access program on Steam back in October 2018, Executive Assault 2 fuses the best of real-time strategy games with first-person shooting at a massive scale. On the ground, Battlefront 2 or the likes of Halo come to mind. Much like those games, you’ll also be able to pilot ships in space combat, but then you can also play as a commander building your base and commanding your armies and fleets as you would in the likes of C&C or StarCraft.

The vast interstellar battles of Star Wars Battlefront always wowed me back in the day, operating on a range of scale few games managed. From the grand space conflicts between ships to tight-nit ground combat, the sensation of being part of something grander always impressed. Executive Assault 2 manages to capture this sense of spectacle incredibly well in its FPS format, while keeping things manageable for the RTS side of things.

The project, helmed by solo indie developer Rob Hesketh, follows in the footsteps of his 2015 original, but steps things up to the next level with impressive visuals and a finely-tuned interface. Its five years in early access saw him incorporate additional factions, units, and weapons, which you’ll be both building as a commander and taking into battle directly yourself. As previously mentioned, you’ll have to deal with both ground skirmishes on the surface of planets and ship battles in orbit around them, with the option to play either in PvE against computer opponents or versus real players in PvP.

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If you don’t fancy the responsibility of command, Executron mode allows you to play a purer FPS experience under the helm of an AI-controlled commander or by jumping into one of your own friends’ companies. However you choose to play, Executive Assault 2 puts you in the middle of some rather spectacular conflicts, and with the full release arriving as of Wednesday October 18, there’s no better time than now to gear up and join the fight.

Executive Assault 2 is out now on Steam. It’s currently available for $24.99 / £19.99. If, like me, you have fond memories of the likes of RTS/FPS hybrids such as Battlezone and Natural Selection 2, or those epic Battlefront and Battlefield conflicts, you can head here to pick up Executive Assault 2 for yourself.

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