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How to beat the Exoprimal final boss

Looking for tips on how to beat the final boss in Exoprimal? We break down the mechanics, techniques, and best approach to beat it.

Exoprimal final boss fight: the behemoth

How do you beat the Exoprimal final boss? You’ve finally tracked down Leviathan and are about to put an end to his machinations after playing dozens of his Wargames. You might have expected a simpler affair more in line with Exoprimal’s previous boss encounters, but this last one is a bit of a doozy.

If your team isn’t familiar with the way this Exoprimal mission works, there’s a very good chance that it’ll mop the floor with them, which isn’t preferable seeing as the proceedings can take about half an hour per attempt. To keep that from happening, we’re going to detail the final boss fight in Exoprimal so that you’re aware of anything you may need to keep in mind. While our review didn’t give the game a glowing recommendation, this boss fight is one of the highlights.

To access the Exoprimal final boss fight you'll need to find the arena

Exoprimal Behemoth boss fight

Whenever you spawn, you’ll find yourself at the top of a tower you’ll need to drop down via openings on the sides. You’re mostly going to be hanging around and watching a cutscene at first, but then the first objective appears. You’ll need to stand in a field to charge the objective so that you or a teammate can grab the hammer and activate the pillar to destroy the nearby barrier and grab the Vortexer. Preferably, a tank will pick that up and carry it to Behemoth, the giant mech at the opposite end of the arena. Once you do this, the next phase will start.

A carrier will show near the spawn point to your right if you’re facing Behemoth. You’ll need to defend it from dinosaur waves. If it takes too much damage, you’ll need to wait for it to restore itself. Then it will take off and land on the left side, repeating the previous event. The events up to this point are more like the preamble for the fight and it’s hard to imagine any team getting wiped out prior to this point. But things are about to change.

Once the carrier takes off, Behemoth will start charging its supernova attack for the first time. The game tells you not to let it finish charging and to hit the openings in its armor, meaning that you and your teammates will need to strike one of the three glowing parts that emerge from Behemoth while it’s charging this. There will be an exclamation point on screen alerting you to the danger. If your team doesn’t sufficiently damage these glowing spots and the supernova goes off, all of you will likely be instantly killed, removing 10 respawns from your counter.Exoprimal final boss fight - the Behemoth explodes in a blue and purple light

You’ve likely noticed that you only have 35 respawns, which seems like a lot. But if your team gets hit by all three of Behemoth’s supernova attacks, this can easily lead you to fail the entire mission. After this attack, the main event truly begins. Two fields show up on opposite sides of the arena closer to Behemoth. Your team will need to stand in these until they charge up to 100%, at which point hammers will spawn, which you’ll need to use to make the Vortexer available again. But there are complications compared to the first time you did this at the start of the mission.

Powerful dinosaurs will be thrown at you, so you’ll need to be prepared. The triceratops is especially dangerous, as the defense fields are near the edges of the arena and they can throw you off and kill you instantly. Flame pteradons will also show up to drop magma on the ground. If you touch this or stand in it, you’ll take a considerable amount of burning damage, so move out of the way when this happens. Another thing to worry about is Behemoth itself, as it won’t just stand idly by while you’re doing this.

Exoprimal final boss fight: a purple shield blocks the path forward

You’ve likely noticed that it takes shots at you during the fight, but these are easy enough to avoid simply by moving. Now, Behemoth will turn toward each field on occasion and shoot off a powerful beam that will likely one shot you unless you have some sort of shielding. It also covers the ground with magma, so move and wait it out. Behemoth itself will fly over to a field and either take swipes at you or fire a purple mist that can melt your health away, so leave the field if it approaches.

Fields sometimes have a tendency to lock you out with a big purple barrier you can’t damage, so that’s more waiting you’ll need to do when this happens. Once the hammers become available, you can take the Vortexer and hit Behemoth with it again. This time, it reveals its purple weak points on its underside. Hit this with everything you’ve got, including your overdrive. Afterward, he’ll use his supernova again at some point, so prioritize stopping that once more. He also uses a move you can’t stop that will reduce everyone’s HP to 1, so I hope you make it to a healer in time.

Exoprimal final boss fight: the behemoth leers over the character

This next section isn’t notably different from the previous one, except that there are now four fields to capture, requiring you to utilize four hammers. This is a bigger task since it splits your squad up even more and there are more large dinosaurs sent after you. Once you spawn the vortexer, the strongest dinosaurs yet will be spawned to stop you, so either tanks will need to block them or you’ll need to kill them quickly. The most dangerous of these are the dinosaurs that create a rock wall and can easily kill players with less health if they’re not careful.

Once you use the vortexer, Behemoth will be vulnerable once again. But there’s a bit of a trick here. During this section, all of your team’s overdrive moves will refill continuously, so use an exosuit with a powerful attack overdrive (such as Barrage) and spam it. If Behemoth shuts off access to its weak point before you can kill it, the whole mission is a failure, so be fast.

That’s all you need to know to get through Exoprimal’s final boss encounter to unlock the endgame mode and see the ending. You might wonder what’s next for the Exoprimal roadmap, but we’ve got you covered. It’s also worth spending time browsing our Exoprimal tier list, to figure out which character will suit you the most.