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Exoprimal tier list - best Exosuits December 2023

Our Exoprimal tier list sorts the very best Exosuits from the ten available and ranks them in order of which ones perform their role better than the others.

Exoprimal tier list - a blue Exosuit stares at the camera with its bright blue visor.

Which Exosuits are the best on the Exoprimal tier list? Fending off dinosaurs in teams of five, players must coordinate with their teammates to complete their objectives faster than the enemy team. However, determining which ones are the best of the bunch means that you have to compare them with each other depending on their role. After all, a healer’s damage output is lower than a DPS character, so it’s best to pit similar Exosuits against each other.

Exoprimal clearly splits its roster into Assault, Tank, and Support Exosuit classes. Assault will clear out most of the summoned dinosaurs or the enemy team, with some excelling at wiping out larger beasts. Tanks can protect the team or handle the smaller dinos, while Support Exosuits can heal and buff allies or hinder enemies. Certain Exosuits have added perks that give them variety in the dinosaur game, making them the best Exoprimal Exosuits. Of course, this is an evolving Exoprimal tier list, as future updates will likely shake up the status quo.

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Best Exoprimal Exosuits

Here is the latest Exoprimal tier list:

Tier Exosuits
S Barrage, Krieger, Witchdoctor
A Skywave, Deadeye, Murasame, Nimbus
B Zephyr, Vigilant
C Roadblock

With every tier list, there comes a big caveat. Exoprimal is a co-op game where you work with others to complete missions, so your team composition is vital to your success. The ideal team we’ve found should consist of two Assault, two Support, and one Tank.


The Barrage Exosuit has a fiery helm and its grenades make it the top Assault class of the Exoprimal tier list.


Barrage is, by far, the best Assault Exosuit in Exoprimal. Its regular shot fires a grenade that explodes on contact with an enemy, setting any nearby enemies on fire. The Triple Threat ability fires three mines that explode upon its second activation, making it a great way of setting traps against any oncoming foes. Its dodge also drops a grenade that detonates almost instantly, knocking back nearby enemies, while the stun grenade briefly immobilizes any target it hits.

This toolset is already excellent at dealing with large dinosaur threats, but the Burning Heart ultimate is a massive nuke-like ability that makes it charge into enemies before exploding for massive damage. This does hurt Barrage a lot as well, but so long as there is a decent Witchdoctor on hand to patch them up, this shouldn’t be a major issue. It’s the most-picked Assault type Exosuit, and honestly, it frankly deserves to be.

Krieger is a hulking mech that's the top of the Tank Exoprimal tier list thanks to its minigun and shields.


Of all the Tanks, Krieger is the most consistent. It uses a minigun to mow down hordes of enemies or tear a bigger dino’s health bar to shreds. When danger is near, it can throw up a protective shield that acts as a safe space for all teammates inside it for a short time. It can also fire homing missiles to blast away any nearby foes, as well as the Thunder Dash that pushes any enemies caught in this dodging animation.

Krieger also has access to an artillery strike ultimate that causes it to leap into the air. Upon locking on with its target, you only need to wait briefly before the carnage connects. Out of all the Tank types, the Krieger has the most versatile move set, can help actively protect its teammates, and be an absolute nuisance for the enemy team. It may move slower than the others in its class, but this mech packs a punch.

Witchdoctor is a healing Support Exosuit with a shock staff that makes it the top of the Support Exoprimal tier list.


For raw healing output, you can’t beat the Witchdoctor. It can generate a massive healing ring to quickly restore health, use a whip to instantly heal a teammate if it connects, and leap high into the sky away from danger. You can also glide while in the air, allowing you to escape from harm’s way with relative ease. Its ultimate emits an AoE that instantly heals all teammates in the vicinity to 200% health.

All of this makes Witchdoctor usable, but what makes it exceptional is its basic attack, which emits a paralyzing field in front of it with the staff. You can upgrade it to increase its range, allowing you to bring down those pesky Pteradons or Evoker Neosaurs from the sky. It can also shock hordes of smaller enemies, relieving pressure from your Tank, and even paralyze larger dinos such as a T-Rex for a short time, giving your DPS specialists a stationary target. It really is the jack of all trades, though its frail frame does mean you have to be careful not to overcommit.


Skywave is a high pick on the Exoprimal tier list because of its sleek design and support abilities.


Skywave is the only Exosuit that can fly high in the air, using its lance to fire off healing bullets that heals allies and damage foes. It can glide in the air for a long time, keeping it safe from melee attacks from dinos and enemy players alike; Slipstream Jump sends them even higher into the air. Optics Jammer instantly heals nearby allies and blinds enemy targets, while Graviton Cage ensnares enemies into one place, making it easier for your teammates to annihilate the competition.

Skywave’s ultimate freezes all nearby enemies on the spot, giving your teammates the window of opportunity they need to heal, kill a bothersome invading dinosaur, or even scrape through to complete the final mission of the match. In our experience, Skywave should be providing support to the team but not necessarily be relied upon for healing. Paired with a decent Witchdoctor, these two are a devastating force to be reckoned with.

Deadeye is a decent Assault pick that's high on the Exoprimal tier list due to its reliable techniques.


Perhaps the simplest of all the Exosuits, the Deadeye is the machine gun specialist who can quickly dodge out of harm’s way with a diving dodge, fire off a grenade for explosive damage against tougher dinos or a small group of raptors, or beat back hordes with a thrusting melee attack.

Deadeye’s best attack is its ultimate, which turns it briefly into a walking arsenal of guns to rip enemies to shreds. It’s handy against hordes, large dinosaurs, and enemy teams. Compared to the other Assault types, the Deadeye is middle-of-the-road regarding viability and lacks a bit of flair, but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked, as it’s probably the most balanced Exosuit in the game.

Murasame is an Exosuit based on Samurai warrior and is the second best Tank in the Exoprimal tier list.


This Samurai warrior excels at using melee attacks to fend off dinosaur hordes, allowing teammates to focus on other threats. The Crescent Moon technique slices in a circle, damaging and taunting enemies it hits, while its mobility move latches a hook onto an enemy, allowing it to leap towards them quickly. The Vajra Counter is the main tank ability, which absorbs damage to convert into retaliatory attacks from its sword. This powers up the sword a lot, making the next few hits potentially one-shot smaller foes. The Meikyo Shisui ultimate ability charges up a projectile that hits in a straight line, taking out any nearby foes.

While the Murasame isn’t quite as versatile as the Krieger, its capabilities of absorbing hits and potentially dishing out major damage on its own make it a far more suitable choice than Roadblock. The only thing that would make it better is if its individual sword swings were a little faster than they are now.

The cute Nimbus has a feminine appearance and wields dual-purpose pistols, making it a good support role in the Exoprimal tier list.


Nimbus is extremely flexible, capable of switching from being a healer or a damage dealer on the fly with its Mode Switch ability. It also uses the Hollow Warp ability to send out a holographic version of itself that it can warp to upon second activation, which heals nearby allies and even revives downed allies. Spread Shot sends a hailstorm of bullets toward your target, with its properties changing depending on which Mode Switch version is active.

This is an incredibly useful Exosuit, and Antipode Burst – Nimbus’ ultimate – fires a massive shockwave that knocks enemies away. However, put simply, the only reason that Nimbus is lower on the list than Skywave is because Skywave pairs up nicely with another player who decides to take on Witchdoctor. If neither of them is on your team and you’re the only Support type Exosuit, Nimbus is not a bad choice if you feel like swapping between DPS and healing.


Zephyr is a melee-focused Exosuit with dual tonfas, with high mobility making it a good pick on the Exoprimal tier list.


Wielding dual tonfas as its weapon of choice, the Zephyr has some great mobility with its dodging special and can use a charging attack that deals extra damage if it knocks enemies into walls. It also has the Skyhigh ability to lift enemies into the air to set up for a combo. Limiter Override is the Zephyr’s ultimate, which instantly heals it to full, increases its overall power, and reduces the cooldowns for special moves.

At dealing with the enemy team, the Zephyr is a force of nature if it can get close enough, and it can easily fend off raptor-like dinos. Where you’ll struggle a bit with the Zephyr is squaring up to more formidable beasts, with the Triceratops and T-Rex being particularly dangerous opponents. It’ll take practice, but learning when to dodge is the biggest hurdle to overcome.

Vigilant is an Exosuit who holds a big sniper rifle. Her purpose is to take down key targets, making her a good pick on the Exoprimal tier list.


Sniping is an archetype in many action games, and the Vigilant has some very cool ways to dish out instant damage. You have access to a double jump that gives you enough time to aim down sights and blast away at foes below you, a stinger shot that pierces through multiple targets at once, and the Frost Lock to freeze nearby enemies into place. Its ultimate is Barrel Breaker, which converts the next six shots into extremely powerful blasts that do the most damage of any Exosuit in the game.

Two things hold back the Vigilant. The first is that you will be relatively useless against hordes of enemies, as your firearms work best against single targets such as bigger dinos or the enemy team. As long as you’re not aiming down sights, you do fire at a faster rate, but you’re relying on your teammates in these parts of the match. The Frost Lock does help, but you need to be very close to the action for it to be effective. The second is that the Vigilant is frail, meaning a well-placed shot can easily take it down.


Roadblock is, sadly, at the bottom of the Exoprimal tier list, but still has a honking great shield to repel foes.


It may be the literal definition of a Tank type Exosuit, but Roadblock has some major obstacles to overcome before it can be considered anything other than the bottom tier. For starters, its main attacks are a slow punch or holding out its shield in front of it. While it can push enemies back with a shockwave, the time this takes to recharge is perhaps a bit long. Its dodge is instantaneous and carries it a long distance in one direction, but Roadblock has to get its bearings before it can move again, making it a sitting duck for a short time. You can get the dinosaurs’ attention with the Taunt ability, but this is rather limited in effectiveness.

The ultimate ability is Storm Drive, which turns Roadblock into Zangief from Street Fighter for a short time. It’ll spin around with its fists out, generating a tornado that it can launch anytime to blast any enemies caught in its wind in a set direction. If paired with certain Exosuits, this can be devastating, but it relies on others to do a lot of the work and is underpowered on its own merit.

That is the Exoprimal tier list. There’s some good news regarding Exoprimal Game Pass if you want to jump in and try it out for a few rounds. Just make sure you give it several rounds of the multiplayer game, as the variety of game modes changes as you complete the database. We also recommend you check out the Exoprimal system requirements if you find the game’s performance suffers on your PC.